Mama's Blessed : Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I have been nominated by the awesome Melissa who blogs over at  The Rambling Llama for the Liebster Award. 
The Rambling Llama

These are the rules for the award..

  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions asked by the person that nominated you
  • Nominate a few bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to do the same
  • Let the bloggers that you nominate know that they've been nominated!
11 Facts About Me:

+ I love girly Japanese anime.
+ I want to visit Japan & Canada. Like ASAP.
+ I love watching the most ridiculous shows, seriously.
+ I have been told MANY times by new people I meet, "I so thought you were going to be a b*tch!" [maybe I have that b*tch face look going on?! IDK]
+ When I am not pregnant or breastfeeding you best believe I am drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. It gives me the shakes, but I do not care.
+ I get distracted way to easy. This is not always a good thing.
+ I am obsessed with makeup & fashion, but I do not try hard to apply it in my own life. Though I want to. [ If you see any of my pictures you totally understand!]
+ I am obsessed with Target & Victoria's Secret.
+ I took Spanish through high school, & probably know about as much as a elementary school student that is learning it. Sad I know.
+ Canadian shows, like Degrassi, are my thing.
+ I hate scary movies, & most action.

Melissa's Questions:
  1. What made you start blogging? Well I actually started when I was younger, you know the online journal type thing. The one that no one actually reads! I first started a blog on blogspot over 4 years ago for crafting. Then I started one when I got pregnant with my 2 year old to keep track & share. 
  2. Do you have any nicknames? As a child - Angel Bunny. That was given to me by my aunt. 
  3. What's one thing you'd have to have with you if you were deserted on an island? Family. [ Not one thing, but one word. That counts right?] 
  4. What is your guilty pleasure? Reality t.v.
  5. What is your favorite movie quote? As of this moment... " We're going to need more pies!" from Tammy.
  6. What is your go-to accessory staple? Sunglasses, scarf.
  7. What is the best thing you've ever cooked? Have you not heard? I am an amazing cook, so I would say everything I make! Ha! 
  8. If you were one of the four seasons- which would you be and why? Fall. It the best. It is so cozy & romantic. The fashion, the scents, the flavors of fall are the best. & I love them all, so I would so be fall! 
  9. Where you born in the state (or country) you're currently living in? If not - what brought you there? I was born in Georgia. & I currently live in Georgia. 
  10. What do you do for a living? I am a mama & a wife. That job is never ending & the most fulfilling! 
  11. What do you think MSDS stands for? Uh?! 
My Questions:

1. How many blog posts do you have at this moment in DRAFT form?
2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
3. If money were no issue, where would you choose to live?
4. Name something you are looking forward to this month.
5. What is your favorite CURRENT t.v. show right now?
6. List your top 2 Instagram hashtag searches.
7. Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?
8. Are you obsessed with Pinterest? If so, what is your favorite type of pins/searches?
9. What is your favorite fall color AND fashion?
10. What types of blogs do you enjoy reading most? Feel free to list a few blogs!
11. How much time each week do you put into your blog? Estimate. 

I nominate:

Classy, Sassy, & A Bit Smartassy
Enjoy Essential/ Faces Of EE
Set Free
Western Homestead
Oilfield Wife Life


  1. Haha love your random facts!! So funny. :) msds is material safety data sheet. ;)

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for thinking of me!!

  3. I haven't seen Tammy yet, is it funny?! Great post!

  4. Yes! I loved it, & I love her. All her movies are good!

  5. Ha thanks. & OOOOOOOH. I guess I could have googled it lol.


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