Mama's Blessed : Mama's Favorites [1]

Mama's Favorites [1]

Friday, November 28, 2014

New blog title! Fridays were #iamobsessed posts. But like I said in the last one, I do not like that title anymore. So now Fridays are for Mama's Favorites! <3 With the name change for the post I am still on the fence with how often I will post favorites. My Thankful Thursday posts are no longer weekly but biweekly. I am thinking either biweekly for Mama's Favorites or once a month. Anyway, on to my favorites that I am loving & obsessing over right now! 

[Sorry for the horrible picture, I having been slacking on my posts lately. Late night before Thanksgiving gatherings was not the best time to try to create & schedule a few posts!] 

+ My new KIDS Columbia fleece jacket. It is actually a bright peachy color not pink!
+ B&BW Winter candle. Pumpkin time is over. Now for wintery smells.
+ Taylor Swift album of course.
+ Peach, Honey, & Almond lotion from B&BW. Smells amazing!
+ Batiste dry shampoo. Scent- sassy & daring WILD. 
+ Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine scented dish soap & multi-surface cleaner. [ Winter time means everything smells like a Christmas tree. & I love it! ] 


  1. all of those are amazing! That jacket looks SUPER comfy!

  2. Ty! <3 It is, & since I got a kid size I got it for less than $30! Score.


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