Mama's Blessed : Third Trimester Fashion [Basics]

Third Trimester Fashion [Basics]

Monday, November 17, 2014

I know from experience [twice] that by the 3rd trimester clothing is more for comfort than 
for fashion. By this time you are worried less about staying cute & trendy, and more concerned 
with how easy the clothing can be wiggled in & out of. Let me be honest for a sec, I would prefer not
to wear ANYTHING but some granny panties & a sports bra at this point. But sadly that would be
frowned upon outside of my home! Thank God.

This is MY list of 3rd trimester fashion/basics. Possible must haves. 

+ sports bra / nursing bra
+ granny panties
+ tanks
+ shoes that you can slip on [like my converse]
+ jean jacket
+ plain tees
+ maternity jeans
+ Waffle long sleeves
+ sweats [ preferably V.S. Pink] 
+ cute pregger saying tops/tanks

Of course throw on some cute accessories: scarf, jewelry, messy bun, screaming toddler...


  1. So cute! Seriously love it!

  2. I loved a couple nice, plain colored tees that could be worn with anything and accessorized up or down.

  3. Yes, so comfy and simple!

  4. Lol, yeah this has been mine as well pretty much the 2nd half of the pregnancy! Comfort over cuteness!

  5. Ugh, it was awful having to get dressed up for work every day when I was hugely pregnant. Pretty sure I just wore the same massive Old Navy black skirt

  6. You look so cute and stylish! Me on the other hand? I looked quite whale-ish! Love your picks!

  7. Yes to all of those! Just dress comfy was my mantra in third trimester haha!

  8. SO CUTE! I loved leggings while pregnant. who am I kidding? I still love leggings. You look way cuter than I did during my pregnancies though. Awesome!

  9. Ha, I would hate to have to do that!

  10. Thanks, & I doubt it! :P

  11. Comfort is most important.

  12. Haha yeah right! :P Leggings are for pregnancy, before & after. Ha.

  13. Super cute looks! I am just about ready to finally stage out of "regular" clothes a few sizes larger, and into maternity clothes. I noticed Old Navy had some options for "all 9 months" - definitely going to have to look into those! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  14. I love Old Navy's maternity clothes! Also, Walmart has some awesome maternity clothes in store now!


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