Mama's Blessed : Kenzie's Christmas Gifts + Giveaway

Kenzie's Christmas Gifts + Giveaway

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas will be here in less than a month! I am happy to say that Kenzie's gift shopping
is done, & has been for a while now. [ Other than her stocking ] I thought it would be 
good to share, just in case you have a toddler you are still hunting gifts for. Maybe 
what we got Kenzie could give you some ideas for yours!

Kenzie's Moomoo & granddaddy bought her a kitchen & an easel, but they are bringing them
over early so they can be set up in her play room & also be from Santa on Christmas morning. 
As far as her stocking goes.. She has a cute shirt, hello kitty JUNK, & some Target $ section JUNK in it. I will probably get her a few more things for it. But other than that, she is DONE! With another baby due before Christmas & Kenzie already having a crap load of toys, less is better this Chrismas! 
No stressing over that anymore! 

What are you getting your child for Christmas this year?'

it is that time of year where a little extra cash couldn't hurt anyone! i have teamed up with a few darlings to bring you $120 in paypal cash! because we all know at this time of year, we all need it!! this giveaway is open to international and US residents and will be $120 US dollars, transferred into whatever currency.  the giveaway will run dec 1 - dec 8! best of luck lovelies! happy holidays!! 


  1. those are great gifts! I still have NO clue what to get Zander. Ainsley will be happy with dolls and blocks. lol.

  2. I'm at a loss as to what to give my 9 month old :)

  3. I went back in July to ToysRUs & put all the stuff on Layaway, bc I knew with having a baby close to Christmas I would be stressing to remember to Christmas shop lol. I let Kenz pick out some of the stuff! lol. Kenzie needs some more blocks!

  4. I really hope to win! What a great giveaway!! Xoxo


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