Mama's Blessed : O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Christmas tree is finally up. My husband put the tree together & then the other night I decorated it while everyone was asleep. The whole thing would have been a sight to see for sure. Being 9 months pregnant with a huge baby bump makes it hard to decorate a tree believe it or not! It is placed in the corner of our living room & the tree does not rotate, so me squeezing in around the tree to decorate was a no go. There was a lot of throwing of lights & tinsel stuff around it! Sadly everything is a little crooked but I am still proud of my work! Ha! The next morning my husband did fix the ribbon on the top. I am short, only 5'2, so I could not get the bow all the way to the top. Oh & yes, our tree is red & silver. Roll Tide baby! Oh & Kenzie is pretty obsessed with the tree. The first thing she said when she seen it was " Oh wow, look at that tree. I like that tree!" Made me happy, & not care so much that this hormonal pregnant woman may or may not have cried & cussed a little while decorating it! :P



  1. Love your gorgeous tree! Roll Tide!

  2. what a pretty tree! it looks gorgeous!!

  3. Hahaa I can't imagine decorating a tree while full blown pregnant! You are really in the Christmas spirit!!

  4. Ha, if you were there while I was doing it you would not have seen much Christmas spirit! Ha! After I was done, I was pretty excited about it though!


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