Mama's Blessed : Thanksgiving recap

Thanksgiving recap

Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Thanksgiving Keith actually had off! I was so happy. We visited my moms & his parents. 
That was a lot of eating in one day. We live an hour & 30 minutes away from all the family, so with me being 9 months pregnant I was a little nervous about driving down there. I want to be close to home when I go into labor! There were a few times while we were visiting that I was thinking it was time to turn around & head home! But I made it. Mina has not arrived yet. My pregnant butt did not get many pictures for the holiday sadly. But here is what I did get. "/ Even though I have no pictures of family, we had a blast! We ending up staying with Keith's parents til Saturday! & we even did a little Black Friday shopping. But we did that in the evening time so it would not be crazy out! We ate plenty of delicious food & of course Kenzie had a blast! 

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. You went black friday shopping?! Are you kidding me!!!!

  2. Ha yeah well it was Friday night really so not many people out & a lot of places still had their deals going on! We did go to walmart around noon on friday & crazy, it was not busy!


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