Mama's Blessed : Week 37 // To Do List Update

Week 37 // To Do List Update

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Today I am 37 weeks & 4 days! That means 2 weeks or less til Mina Grace arrives! Honestly I believe she will come this week! I have a midwife/baby appointment this Thursday, but who knows if I will make it til then! I am so ready. I have been having lots of signs that I am getting super close. Lots of pains, discomfort, & potty breaks! Back in October I did a post on my to do/buy list before baby gets here, see it here. I decided now was a good time to update it, & add to it if needed! I would not have thought this, but it turned out to be a pretty popular [ views ] post. So I guess baby posts are something my readers like to see more of? Yes, no? 

To Do

+ switch rooms around. Mina will take Kenzie's room.
+ wash her clothes, blankets, & swaddles.
+ organize her closet.
+ find out if my BROKE breast pump can be fixed. :[ 
+ pack hospital bags
+ come up with game plan for big day for big sister. [ all our fam lives an hour & half away! ]
+ GET A MINI VAN ASAP! Ha. Yeah I am about to be that mom!
+ if no mini van, clean out car & install car seat to make sure all works properly.
+ register at hospital & do l&d tour. If I am still pregnant will do tour the 11th. 

To Buy

+ diapers & wipes. I have been stocking up but is this ever really done?
+ play mat. Maybe this can be a Christmas gift from someone! 
+ diaper genie Christmas gift maybe?
+ bouncer
+ a few swaddle blankets
+ nursery decor Sadly I have not done anything in her room, it is still a storage room for now! 
+ clothes I have bought some things, but this can never really be check off! Ha. 

a few things to add to the list:

+ decorate christmas tree. It is now up! 
+ REPACK the hospital bag, double checking is good!
+ Freeze some meals // stock up on groceries
+ clean Kenzie's play room good
+ start working on Mina's room
+ get some posts scheduled for the blogs


  1. She's sooo close to arriving!!

  2. Eek! I can't believe you are so close! I know you are crazy excited/anxious/tired and a million other emotions!

  3. I know, I am praying this week! My original due date was the 7th!

  4. EXACTLY! I am ready. I know I will have my hands full with two kids but I am ready to have her in my arms! I am over being pregnant!

  5. posts like these just spike my baby fever! haha your bump is so cute

  6. Ha! Good to know! & thanks!

  7. I love that you are getting a mini van! I have a small car that is getting old so I'm really hoping that by baby #2 we will be able to afford a new bigger car… maybe an SUV though haha!

  8. I would love a suv, but hubs wants a mini van lol. Having a small car sucks! Ours is a small newer hatchback accent... so its TINY!

  9. YAY baby bump!! I'm soo excited for you. I cannot believe that she's almost here. I can't wait to see a picture when she gets here. so many babies!


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