Mama's Blessed : What To Expect When Breast Feeding

What To Expect When Breast Feeding

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It has ALMOST been two weeks since having my 2nd child & breast feeding again. Sadly, I only breast fed my 1st child til she was 8 months old. She is 2 years now, so it has been a while since I have done any boobie feeding. I am now remembering how much I LOVED it. It is such an amazing thing for a mama & baby, & of course super healthy for baby. Here are a few things you can expect when it comes to breast feeding. Whether you are a first timer or about to be doing it all again, I am sure at some point you can relate!

+ It may hurt when baby first latches on. 
+ You will need to buy a nursing bra or two. 
+ Sleeping at night for mama is only 2-3 hours in one stretch, normally. It gets longer as baby gets older.
+ The boobies fill up & harden when it is close to feeding time. & will probably start leaking.
+ ALWAYS wear nursing pads! Those things will leak.
+ The mama+baby bonding experience is like no other.
+ Pumping can be a life saver for some. 
+ Investing in nursing tanks/tops is a good idea. Especially for being out in public.
+ The poo diapers never stop!
+ The hunger, for mama never ends. Bring me CAKE!
+ You may get discouraged at some point but do not give up.
+ Baby gulps are the cutest.
+ Breastfeeding helps you lose weight faster. 
+ Bare through those contractions in the beginning. It is a good sign.
+ Your boobies will probably get HUGE!
+ Going to long without feeding or pumping can be very painful!
+ Lumps in your armpits.
+ Breast feeding makes it super easy when out & about.
+ You can drink!! Just do not over do it. This is when pumping definitely comes in handy.

Any advice for the breast feeding mama? Comment! 

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  1. IT'S SO TRUE! I went only 2 weeks with Zander but with Ainsley we made it to 11 months. BEST BOND EVER! I would also suggest to new moms never tried breastfeeding, having the baby on your boob 24/7 is normal! It doesn't mean you're not making enough milk- trust me YOU ARE! babies go through growth spurts a lot and breastfeeding is a supply / demand thing. as soon as you lessen your baby being on the boob your supply WILL go down.

    GREAT post today Ashley! LOVE IT!

  2. I like how real this is. I think some mothers have rose colored glasses on when it comes to what being a mother of an infant really is.

  3. Great post Ashley, when number 2 comes I will definitely need your tips for making it work better. I don't want to pump exclusively like I did my first, hopefully our 2nd will make it easier on me haha! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  4. Great post! I'm nursing my second child too and I so resonate with you...when I started nursing her, it made me remember how wonderful nursing is (nursed my first child for 2 years)!

  5. 2 years, that is awesome! <3 Yeah it is such an amazing thing.

  6. Well I pray you get to breast feed the 2nd, such an awesome bonding experience!

  7. Amen! :P I am a real mama. I am not pretending that motherhood is perfect & 100% amazing.. So my experiences are real.. good, bad, & ugly. That is motherhood! :P

  8. 11 months is awesome mama! <3 Yeah at the hospital I had a nurse get mad at me & fuss at me for feeding Mina more than every 2 hours. But she kept falling asleep while eating, then would wake up and want more. & I am still doing that with her. If she wants to sleep I am letting her!

  9. Although I've never breastfed a baby yet I know all of these are true through helping encourage my friends and sister-in-law while they were/are breastfeeding.

  10. Breastfeeding mamas def need encouragement at times! Your awesome!

  11. I haven't had a kid, and don't expect too for a couple years, but this was great too read. I haven't heard anything positive about it though and I plan on breast feeding so this was great to read! Thanks for sharing

  12. A lot of mamas get discouraged about breast feeding especially when only negative things are mentioned all the time. There are plenty positive things about breast feeding!


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