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Mama: How To Keep Your Cool

Monday, January 5, 2015

Children are blessings. The most amazing gift from God is a cute little baby. & your spouse of course, can not leave them out! But motherhood can be stressful at times. I mean your raising little humans, that is a lot!

I am a mama to a VERY active toddler [ who takes after her daddy ], & a cute cuddly newborn. Reality is that I have my hands full. Like every other mama. Sometimes I find myself losing my patience when I should not.& sometimes I yell. I hate that. It has not even been a full month since having my 2nd child, so I know my hormones are probably all crazy still. On top of the fact that I am new to the whole more than one kid thing. But I want to be a loving, gentle, patient mama.. not a mama that yells, & loses it every 5 seconds. I certainly do not want my daughters copying me when it comes to those things. 

Here is a list I came up with to help you/me keep our cool! What do you do to help with the stress of the mama life?

+Walk away & breathe. This really goes for anyone & any situation. It can prevent you from saying or doing something you would regret. 

+Pray. It makes everything better. Prayer does wonderful things. Do not just pray in that heated moment, but pray for your patience & gentleness whenever you pray! 

+Open your bible. Soak up some word. Get encouraged. Psalm 127:3-4

+Talk with someone. I call my mom or talk with my husband when I am getting stressed.

+Sit down & have a cup of coffee. Or whatever you like really. Wine maybe?

+Hug & kiss on those babies. They are blessings, let them know you love them. 

+Forget the house work & to-do list for a bit. It will definitely not go anywhere, it will be right there waiting on you! 

+Read a book or a few blog posts. Escape reality for a few, nothing wrong with that! 

+Snuggle those babies on the couch & watch t.v. or a movie. Cuddles solve everything! 

+Get out of the house ALONE. Run to Target or go grab a coffee. Anything to get you out of the house for a few minutes of mama time. 

+Take babies for a walk. Fresh air & exercise will for sure cool you down.

What do you do when you need to keep your mama cool?


  1. These are GREAT tips! Thanks for the advice


  2. Great tips! Your babies are beautiful!

  3. Great perspective. As mamas, you have the opportunity to transform the world by shaping the lives in your care.

  4. Rhonda Laverne OHearnJanuary 6, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    My favorite is calling your mom ;) you are a great mom! A new baby is a transition for a family but especially for the toddler who is use to being the baby and getting ALL the attention.

  5. i'm making a mental note of these for the future :)

  6. Great tips!! I agree with getting out of the house. Sometimes it's just me being tired of the same 4 walls. Gotta get out!!

  7. Great tips! I do many of these often myself. :)

    Stopping over from Mama Moments Monday!

  8. Exactly! We need that!

  9. These are very helpful to remember for later down the road! :P

  10. HA of course you like that best. But I am sure you feel like I talk to much at times! Yeah makes me feel sad for her to though, bc I know she thinks she is getting pushed to the side sometimes. You can see that in the way she has been acting lately.

  11. Very true. That can be stressful just thinking about!

  12. Thank you so much! <3

  13. I'm not a mom yet, but I am a nanny to a wild toddler (and they're due with their second baby in February). I need to do these almost everyday, minus leave the house alone, unless it's the end of the day. Raising kids is hard whether they're yours (probably harder then) or not. Great tips! Good luck with being a mom of 2!

  14. Thanks so much! I love every minute of the chaos! :)

  15. Our 2nd will be arriving in February...and I'm stressed just thinking about it! I already have to bite my tongue when my little one (almost 2) gets into things she shouldn't, or doesn't listen to me when I'm asking her to do things. I will definitely be returning to this post for calming thoughts and ideas in the near future....!!

  16. I was the same way toward the end of my pregnancy towards my 2 year old. I figured I would be better after having the baby. But I see now it can be even more stressful! But they are blessings! I just have to work on my patience! You got this mama! We both do! :)

  17. Rhonda Laverne OHearnFebruary 4, 2015 at 10:37 AM

    No you do not talk too much! The more you talk the less I have to haha!!! Kenzie is a great big sister :)

  18. Hahah! :P Yeah she is.


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