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Newborn Favorites

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mina Grace will be two months February 12th. Time is flying, and I do not like that! There are so many mamas to be right now that I thought I would share some of my favorite things for my newborn. These are things we have loved & used from birth to now. I am hoping this may help that mama to be that is
planning her registry or unsure what she may need for baby!

Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets - We only have one of these & we love it. I actually HATE it for swaddling because it is huge. But it is perfect for covering her at night since it is lightweight and breathable. I use it to cover her carrier when I do not have the cover on it. I cover her with it when I wear her. It has many uses. Lay on the floor to play. Change baby on it. & so on. You never have to many of these things, [ I want them ALL! ] since they are big enough for a toddler to use.

SwaddleMe - Perfect for the person that does not know how to swaddle. Or that finds swaddling annoying like I do at times. My husband is a swaddling pro, me not so much. I find that these are better at keeping babies arms in. 

Halo Sleep Sack - A must for sure. It is said that you are not supposed to use blankets in a newborns crib [ I do sometimes anyway ] ... but it is cold, & baby may not like to be swaddled. SLEEP SACK to the rescue! They can be swaddled in it or have their arms out and free. & there is no need for a blanket. Baby toes are nice and toasty in there. 

MAM bottles - I breast feed 99% of the time. I do pump here & there when needed. & I do like to sometimes have a bottle ready in the fridge to take out shopping or to allow hubs to watch baby while I go somewhere. These are the business I tell ya! 

Snugabunny swing - Not really a must, but most babies love to lay in a swing.. & just swing. Mina will sleep in her swing if I allow it. I do for no more than an hour. I really wanted a 4Moms RockaRoo swing thing that I had on my baby registry post. But I found this cute bunny swing on a Facebook yard sale group & had to have it. Super cheap too.

Snugabunny bouncer - A must especially if you do no have your child a swing. I use both the swing & bouncer equally. I can tote baby around from room to room in this. & it matches the swing we have!

Burt's Bees Baby wash -  Love this so much that I use it for my newborn, toddler, & myself! I like soaps to be as natural as possible. The less chemicals the better. The scent is light to none really. There is a lavender scent one that I love to use as well. I love everything by Burt's Bees!

Hello Kitty Pack & Play - Play pen, changing station, bed. Amazing-ness. We use our pack & play for Mina as a bed right now. & it is where I change her diapers most times. She sleeps in our room right now, though she is about to be in her room soon. These are good when taking trips and visiting family. I could not imagine not having one! & ours is Hello Kitty! <3

Avent Freeflow paci - These are the only pacis Mina really likes. She HATES the Soothie ones that you get at the hospital. But I am glad she does not really require the paci but takes it here and there. Good to have on hand when in public to help calm and soothe baby. 

Infantino Mei Tai Carrier - I used one of these with Kenzie & loved it. So of course I use it with Mina. Right now I mainly use it when taking walks or going places. Having a wild toddler & a newborn, this thing is kind of a life saver! It definitely helps when grocery shopping with both kids. & Mina normally sleeps the whole time. 

A few other things we have loved up to this point:
+ gowns & onesies with built in mittens.
+ play mat. Only used a little so far. 
+ breast pump. Obviously.
+ My Breast Friend nursing pillow.
+ Luvs diapers.
+ Walmart & Target sensitive baby wipes. 
+ Aveeno oatmeal bath - for dry flaky baby.


  1. Ah! My friend just announced that she's pregnant. I'm going to forward her the link to your blog! She'll love these resources!

  2. Oh that is awesome! Yeah, this will def be helpful!

  3. Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Definitely saving this post!

  5. Love muslin blankets!! They are my absolute fave right now!!

  6. Yes!! I have a few from the brand Summer i think. But I want more a&a ones!

  7. omg your new layout is just amazing! I love it! :) and this is such a great list. I love the swaddle me things too. and YES to breast pumps! hahaha. I've missed you!!

  8. Thanks lady! <3 Missed you too girl! Text me sometime!

  9. I got a sample of the Burt's Bee baby lotion and it smelled so good it's hard to describe it!

  10. It is hard to describe. But it does smell very clean!

  11. great advice :) thank you for sharing!

  12. :) thanks for stopping by, hope it helps!


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