Mama's Blessed : Breakfast With Cheerios and Florida OJ + Giveaway

Breakfast With Cheerios and Florida OJ + Giveaway

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Being a mama to two kids uses a lot of energy. Just being a mama in general. The early mornings, the long in to the nights, and EVERYTHING in between that. Running after toddlers or feeding a newborn all day long. That takes a lot out of a mama. So to make it through the day breakfast is a must! It is the most important meal. A daily breakfast for a mama needs to be quick and easy, but definitely healthy! Got to get that energy and nutrition in. A mama's job is to raise tiny humans & that is amazing but exhausting. 
Mama needs a #betterbreakfast 

Cheerios is made of whole wheat oats so it is a great option for breakfast! And fyi toddlers love to eat them for a snack. So tote them in your diaper bag! Fruit is always great. Florida OJ is an awesome breakfast MUST! Great for Vitamin C & D and Potassium. 

I wake up & BOTH my minis are ready to start the day. I grab my coffee & sip away while I get breakfast ready for all of us. #cheerios is a super quick breakfast choice. My toddler approves! Having orange juice instead of a sugary fruit juice makes for a #betterbreakfast . & when served with a straw my toddler loves it even more! A quick breakfast leaves plenty of time for family. This mama is all about family. Keeping my minis [ & husband ] healthy and fed and keeping myself energized to do so means a lot to me! 

Want a #betterbreakfast? Head to Publix & pick up a box of Cheerios and a carton of Florida OJ! BUT first print out these coupons to help save you some money! $1/2 ( coupon ) and $2 off a box of #cheerios & OJ ( coupon ). 

Now here is a giveaway! $15 Paypal cash will go to one person. Be sure to print your coupons, so you can go to Publix & get you a #betterbreakfast . [ This giveaway is not conducted by General Mills. ] 

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  1. We are still in cold the vitamin C from OJ is a plus!

  2. MY favorite breakfast! We usually get the multi grain cheerios! YUM!

  3. those are good. My mama is obsessed with the peanut butter ones!

  4. Amen to that. I am ready for some warm sunshine... [ well we have had those types of days off and on for a few weeks now ] but its mainly rainy right now! "/

  5. I have been craving orange juice lately! lol.
    Ps- I love your coffee mug.

  6. I haven't had Cheerios in years, and reading your post makes me want a big bowl right now! :) #peonyproject

  7. I just had one! Great night time snack! :P

  8. Great post! My favorite breakfast!

  9. Rosevine CottegeApril 3, 2015 at 4:28 PM

    Great post! Makes me hungry. :)

  10. <3 thanks for stopping by!


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