Mama's Blessed : What's In My Diaper Bag w/ 2 Minis

What's In My Diaper Bag w/ 2 Minis

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I have done a what's in my diaper bag post when I had just one mini. I was also cloth diapering her at the time, so what I carry around these days is totally different. Check out that old post hereHere is what I am currently toting around.

This is the diaper bag that I got at Target. I got it on clearance for less than $2! & of course I blogged about it here. The great deal makes me LOVE it so much more than I did when I came across it. & it have leopard print inside! Hey girl hey! :P

makeup bag
cereal bar
boogie wipes [ kids have runny noses ]
pepper spray
wet bag / diaper stuff
burp cloth
nose sucker thing
body spray & lotion [ current favorite scent ]
hand sanitizer

I normally have a receiving blanket or changing pad in there. A sippy cup & snacks for my toddler may be thrown in the bag too.

 Inside the wet bag I carry diapers for both girls. At the moment I only cloth diaper my youngest at home. & we are only doing that part time. Diaper cream. Wipes. Also depending on where we are going and how long we are going to be out I may throw in some extra clothes for both.

What is in your diaper bag?


  1. I really love that diaper bag! It looks more like a purse than a diaper bag, which is what I had with both kids. Now I just carry a backpack. LOL.

  2. Thanks. That is one reason, other than the price, that I wanted it. It looks like a cute pink purse. & yeah I will totally be toting around a backpack soon! When I am out & about with both girls a backpack would be so much easier!

  3. I remember when I carried majority of these things when the boys were younger. lol I still find like toys and other stuff of theirs in my purse.

  4. Cute bag! Love that you got it for such a steal (and love that there's leopard on the inside) :-p
    My little is only 4 months, so it's pretty much stacked with diapers and burp cloths. Never can have too many cloths for the drool this girl's got...

  5. I LOVE that bag, especially the print on the inside! I can't believe you didn't even pay $2 for it! I never am lucky enough to find bargains like that lol.

  6. Ummm that is an adorable bag!! I want it!

  7. I know right? Can't go wrong with leopard! I had to ask a Target employee if it was wrong. They said that since it was an online order & returned to store it was discounted. BUT why that much?! But I am not complaining!

  8. My daughter has been drooling & gnawing on her hands non stop too! With my 1st I had so much always packed. But now there is no way I could fit double that! Ha!

  9. Toys are a must!! :P But we always have some of her toys in the car. & Mina doesn't really require any yet.

  10. I really love that bag!! And I wonder if I should have a bag for my furkids when I take them places. Mostly Bear though.

  11. totally. or get one of those backpack things that the dog wears!

  12. OMG the doggie backpack sound adorable. I'm looking for one on Amazon now!

  13. Cute bag and what a great deal! I have a toddler now but will soon have an infant too, and I have been wondering what style bag would work best. This looks like a good shape and size for all the essentials.

  14. That is such a cute bag! What we have in our bag is pretty simple right now - diapers, wipes, changing pad, hand sanitizer, and extra underwear for our daughter. I keep extra clothes for both kids in the car. Soon, we'll be adopting a newborn, so I'll have to use the bigger bag and add all the feeding stuff again. Babies sure need a lot! :) Thanks for sharing what you use - I've never seen the boogie wipes - I'll have to check those out for sure. Stopping by from Week's End! -Jess


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