Mama's Blessed : Convo Co Host & 3 Reasons To Slow Down

Convo Co Host & 3 Reasons To Slow Down

Friday, April 24, 2015

Today I am one of the co hosts for Amanda's Conversations link up. Check out the other co hosts and bloggers linking up! Also, I have an awesome blogger guest posting today so keep reading! 

I recently talked about things my toddler has being saying lately [ post ], but the other day she really made me laugh. 

I was putting her to bed and she said she wanted more milk. I said "okay I will be back" and walked out of the room. I normally try to wait and see if she will forget about the milk because I am trying to get her to get over her obsession with it. Well maybe 5 minutes later she kept yelling "MAMA!" , so I went to check on her. I walk in the room to her laying in the bed with her sippy cup being waved in the air. She smiled and said "You forgot something!" 

I swear she is a mini teenager! She seriously cracks me up! My heart stays happy because of that little mini me! 

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Spring is upon us and like most mamas, we've got our minds on cleaning out the junky garage and organizing all those toy bins. There are a lot of things on our plates and some times it seems our to-do list is like an entire child on it's own. It sits there whining for attention. You feel like a bad person if you don't check on it enough. Then it seems like the more you do take care of it, the more stuff gets on it!

Ladies, spring time is a season of growth. Personally I feel like it is time for us to take this opportunity to grow in learning how to slow our rolls. We can become easily distracted from the beauty that is naturally around us. I know I've felt that even my son doesn't get all of his mama because she's too busy splitting herself between projects. So here are 3 reasons we need to slow down.


A while back a thought occurred to me. My child is watching every single thing I'm doing...and it's being deposited into his memory bank. It's like we know this but it's not until we do something we don't want them to remember that they will remember! So I try and schedule my days to where I give him pockets of time with me to create memories worth keeping. If I have to do dishes, I spend a good 5-10 minutes letting him help or as long as he wants to. Having him be involved not only cuts down on the whining and pulling at me for attention but he actually DOES get attention and is learning a life skill. Most kids might get bored after a few minutes and are satisfied with time with mama. This is also a memory for me to look back on at the end of the day and be happy with the time spent.


I'll be honest. I'm not the type of mom who schedules every minute of my son's day. I don't like planning too much to where he is just being shuffled from one thing to another without fully enjoying the experience. Some times I think we want so bad to give our children a variety of learning opportunities and entertainment that we forget they are just kids. They will have time as they grow to do a lot. The most important thing is that they are well balanced with their time and we are aware that slowing down does not mean we are a lazy mama. It means we are taking time to enjoy each thing with our child and teaching them that time is precious. We shouldn't blow through it.


Our spiritual, mental and physical health does depend on how active we are. Even if we don't leave the home every day to do things, we can easily run ourselves sick just by doing too much. A few weeks ago, this was so me. I'm currently in my second trimester and it feels so good to have some energy back as I take care of our three year old. Then by Saturday, I could barely move. Cornered on the sofa with a comfy blanket and the remote. This is when I knew that not slowing down can actually be harmful to my health. Of course some pregnancy side effects came into play but honestly I remember days before being pregnant that this happened.

We don't have to constantly be planning, running, cleaning or working. Life is more than that. And it is hard. So hard not to feel as though we have to keep up. But mama I want to tell you today that your worth is not in how much you get done. It's not in finishing that to do list every day. You're not lazy if you need a 15 minute coffee break or devotion time. You're not a bad mama if you need to drop the kids off at grandma's for an hour just to breath. You're human and you're not alone. This season of small children will soon be gone and they will be grown. Then you'll have lots of time to take care of that list. So take time to reflect and soak in life.

Jacy is the artist and owner of Hello Awesome, an inspirational online shop that sells illustrated mugs, tees, wall art & more. You can find her sharing uplifting quotes and creative projects on Instagram.


  1. She is adorable! You're in for it when she's a teen! ;) Great guest post, too! Happy Friday!

  2. Kenz is soo funny! Hilarious! Zander was like that at two as well. Lol

  3. You are right, she is a mini-teen. But you are also right to take time and sow into her life now. She is watching and listening and you seem to be a wise momma. Give her time now and continue to sow goodness in her life and her teen years will be filled with as much joy as her toddler years.

  4. She is super adorable but it won't be so cute come teenage year lol. Just enjoy the memories as you say.

  5. Kids are so funny! It's amazing how they won't forget the things we want them to haha.

  6. kids are just smartasses sometimes. lol I can't handle it.

  7. Those are such great reasons to stop and smell the flowers sometimes. We miss out on so much by speeding through the days.

  8. Haha, my kids love to tell me I "forgot" something... um no, I was hoping you would though. :D
    And such good reminders for us to slow down from Jacy!

  9. She is so cute!! Sounds like my David: milk obsessed & talkative all day long. I'm usually just mentally exhausted from his little voice yapping away haha And thanks again for having me guest post! It was a pleasure as always girl xo

  10. Kids are so funny! My toddler says the craziest things too and also acts like a mini teenager. Hilarious.

  11. they grow up so fast!!! ;( WHY!!!!! I wish they could stay little. At least you have a little one still.


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