Mama's Blessed : Mamas Tell All / Week 3

Mamas Tell All / Week 3

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Time for the mamas to take over blog land again! Mamas Tell All. Be sure to grab a MTA button for your side bar or your post you are linking up. Join in on the fun and be sure to visit the other mamas and show some love!  <3  Oh & use #mamastellall when posting on social media!


Today's Topic:

Kids Say the Darndest Things – the crazy things that come out of our kids’ mouths

I love this topic because I have a child that will pretty much shock you with the words she lets escape her mouth! Sometimes it will be the cutest thing ever, other times I am thinking I have to stop saying that around her! Kids have no filter and speak truth. I know this because my toddler tells me I am pretty and that I am a princess. DUH, I knew that already! :P I have already posted about this two times in the past. You can read those here & here. & now for a list of things that my toddler has said more recently. 

Here is your boobies pad mommy.
Mommy ate chocolate.
I want your coffee.
Hey girl Hey.
"Are you tired?"  No I'm not tired, I'm Kenzie.
You love booies!
Get away, that's my mommy.
Damn it, I dropped my snack.
That's delicious.
That's disgusting.
Put sister down right now!

This list could go on and on, but these are the things that have tickled me the most. What is the cutest/craziest thing your child has said?

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Next Wednesday's topic is: 

Saying Goodbye to Diapers – tips and tricks or just stories about the potty-training process 


  1. My little girl is just learning to talk, but her favorite sentence is the one for our cat: Leave me alone, Mikey.. :) Marina @

  2. I love that she says hey girl hey! And if course you're a princess!! Haha she's so cute!!

  3. Gosh I love this! Um, can she come to my house and tell me I'm a pretty princess?! Ha! I lose it when kids cuss! My niece says "well shit" a lot... She spends too much time with her Gigi!

  4. Hilary (Pearls &amp; Hoses)April 15, 2015 at 9:07 AM

    Hey girl hey & damn it, I dropped my snack would have me rolling on the floor. My son is 13 months and we haven't gotten to the "fun" stage of talking yet, but I can't wait.

  5. My little girl is just starting to say MAMA!

  6. So cute... I have a section like this on my blog as well- for guest stories but isn't it funny how just our own little ones can fill it up every week LOL ! I enjoyed reading! xoxo - A Mom

  7. LMAO "Damn it, I dropped my snack" !!!! I wonder who she got THAT from!! (winkey-face ;) )

  8. Dropping your snack is literally the worst.

  9. So true – kids have no filter!! It can be hilarious and embarrassing
    all at once! They really are little sponges and pick up on everything. What a
    cutie you have there!!


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