Mama's Blessed : Mamas Tell All / Week 4

Mamas Tell All / Week 4

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hey mamas! It is that time again, Mamas Tell All. I can not wait to read all your posts on today's topic! If you are linking up with us be sure to grab a button. & do not forget to use #mamastellall when sharing! 


Today's topic:

Saying Goodbye to Diapers – tips and tricks or just stories about the potty-training process

This topic is one that I am currently struggling with. I have a 2 year old that is not potty trained. I was working with her back when she was only 16 months [ post ], but since the babysitter and my husband did not keep up with her pottying routine, she just stopped. I believe she went almost 2 weeks with pooping and peeing in the potty daily! I get so frustrated now because I know she knows how to. But she just does not want to. Part of the issue may be that she has a new baby sister. I have bought her training panties [ post ]and I put her on the potty. She will sit on it but not use it. She tells me all the time she wants to potty, or that if she is peeing in her diaper. Any tips y'all mamas have would be much appreciated! 

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The Man Behind the Mama – talking about husbands, boyfriends, etc.


  1. Ugh soo frustrating. I would talk with the sitter for sure & explain your concerns & where you'd like to be with training. I have tips that we use on my blog today. Hugs mama. She'll get it. She also might be thrown off with the move. When zander was 3 & 100% trained he regressed to pooping in his pants after we had moved. That lasted 3 weeks.

  2. No babies for me, but my sister potty trained my niece at 16 months. They started putting her in panties throughout the day and she hated when she had an accident. She doesn't like the little potty, either- she really performed when they sat her on the toilet. They did reward her with stickers at first. I'm shipping my kids off to my mom and sister because they made it look so easy! Good luck, girl!

  3. That is so frustrating! I'm sure it's because of the new baby though...she probably wants to continue feeling like the baby. Maybe if you make it a "big girl" game? I guess this is the blind leading the blind. 😂

  4. My first was motivated to potty train around 18-19 months old, but his brother was born when he was 20 months old, then we moved twice in the next few months, and each of those major changes set us back. Much as I wanted to be done with diapers, I tried to let him get adjusted and comfortable in the new place (with a now 6 month old brother) before really trying to potty train.


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