Mama's Blessed : Mamas Tell All / Week 5

Mamas Tell All / Week 5

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hey mamas! It is that time again, Mamas Tell All. I can not wait to read all your posts on today's topic! If you are linking up with us be sure to grab a button. & do not forget to use #mamastellall when sharing! 


Today's topic:

The Man Behind the Mama – talking about husbands, boyfriends, etc

My husband has helped me make so beautiful babies. 
Kenzie LOVES being a daddy's girl. I love seeing them dress alike & play. He loves his little golf buddy! 

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Next Wednesday's topic is:

Fighting the Green-Eyed Monster - talking about how all mamas sometimes get jealous of others


  1. I bet your girls think he hung the moon!

  2. such a great daddy! I love that Kenz golfs with him. too funny.

  3. Golf buddies! So sweet!!

  4. I know. Wish I enjoyed it more so I could go w/ them!

  5. I know. Makes my heart melt.

  6. I am sure they do! <3


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