Mama's Blessed : Mamas Tell All / Week 6

Mamas Tell All / Week 6

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey mamas! It is that time again, Mamas Tell All. I can not wait to read all your posts on today's topic! If you are linking up with us be sure to grab a button. & do not forget to use #mamastellall when sharing! 


Today's topic:

Fighting the Green-Eyed Monster - talking about how all mamas sometimes get jealous of others

A super well behaved child sitting in the buggy at Target while the mama cheerfully strolls the isles of AWESOMENESS while sipping her delicious Starbucks coffee.. makes me jealous.

That is because my toddler is screaming the s word [ or worse ], telling people to get away, or having a melt down. I am not getting to look at all the goodies that Target wants me to buy. My trip is cut short because my toddler eventually starts screaming and crying.. or is trying to jump out of the buggy. My Starbucks drink was probably chugged fast so I could have my hands free to hold her down. We are over all a mess. 

A mama with a nice fit body.

While I am over here like...

A mama with clean styled hair, makeup, AND dressed for the day.

I am jealous because I did not have time to wash my hair, put on makeup, & I am in my yesterday's clothes. OUT IN PUBLIC.

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Next Wednesday's topic is:

Dating my Daughter/Son – spending special time on “dates” with our kids 


  1. It's hard a thing, jealousy. It's absolutely everywhere!! Hugs mama. You're doing a great job. And just think, at least you CAN go to target or get the Starbucks. And no one said a messy bun was a bad thing. Lol

  2. M&M's with obstacles. I'm dying. But I'm so with you!!

  3. the cashier's name was Jim....hahahahahaha!!

  4. I know, so funny!

  5. It is so true though.

  6. Ha, very true. Thanks mama.

  7. I buy trail mix for the m&ms :) Kenzie is very independent and is not afraid to show it. Believe it or not it's a good thing. The hard part is learning how to help her channel her spirited independence to positive. Next week let's try a form of I spy game on a shopping trip. I love how baby mina is the quit one while our little toddlers are the ones crying and fussing :)

  8. Ha I know right, but Mina will be doing the same thing I bet when she is their age! :P

  9. You always make me laugh - even with serious topics like this one. We are all in the same boat. We struggle in so many of the same ways. But you are doing an amazing job Mama - keep it up!

  10. I hate being serious. Well when there is a need for it I will. But life can be so negative, I like to laugh, joke, and just BE.. Thanks mama, right back at ya!


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