Mama's Blessed : 8 Things To Do For Father's Day

8 Things To Do For Father's Day

Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day is Sunday, and I am so ready! Cards and gifts are bought & hid away. For the most part plans are made. I have a lot of Fathers to make time to see over the weekend! [ Husband, Father n law, daddy, and step dad ] This weekend will be fun, but BUSY for sure. What are you planning for the dad in your life for his special day? Need ideas, here are a few I could come up with. 

Cook out 

Men LOVE food. Even more when it is on a grill and outdoors. Have some beer, some music, and maybe even a game of horse shoes. Or whatever outdoor game he likes. PERFECT!

Mini Golf

 [ thanks Jasmine for the idea! ] Spend time as a family and play some mini golf / putt putt. We have an indoor place near by & it was so fun taking the girls with my husband and family to play. Very entertaining. :P


Go with him, & be his personal driver. Or even better, PLAY WITH HIM! Want to give him some "me" time, send him off by himself. 

Dude Movie

Take him to a movie, one that he will like it. If you do not want to see if, more than likely it is one he wants to see! Ha!

Hang by the lake

In this heat spending time on a lake is ideal. Boat or not. Picnic, grill, drink, or just enjoy the water.

Hike/Sight see

Go on a hike, or go visit a near by town that he has been wanting to visit. Maybe even go camping?!


[ or what ever hobby he likes to do ]
What does he like to do? DO it with him, or let him go do it and enjoy some man time.

Relax / Breakfast in bed

[ thanks again Jasmine! ] If he works A LOT and does not get much sleep/relaxing time, LET HIM. This is his day. Cater to him, make him breakfast in bed. Do stuff at the house to allow him to relax all day! 

What are your plans for Father's Day? Any more suggestions on what to do for him?

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  1. It's too bad I have to be away from my family for Father's Day! Some of these would be so fun!

  2. I think this father's day will consist of taking my dad out for lunch and buying my husband a card. He's not quite YET a father but I still want him to know I'm thinking about him! Thanks for the tips! :) Happy Friday!

  3. Great list! Mini-golf sounds like an awesome father's day activity as does having a cook out!

  4. Great ideas! My son's birthday is on the same day, so we will be throwing a party that day!

  5. Today we'll be celebrating with my, wings and pool time! Tomorrow I'm taking the hubby to brunch. Mini golf sounds like a perfect afternoon activity!

  6. Fathers day and my dads birthday are the same day *pressure much*

    I will take him out to eat, and spend some one on one time together which we do not do as much anymore...

    Nancy Laws | Afro-Chic Mompreneur

  7. That is super sweet!

  8. I agree! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. What an awesome way to spend Father's Day!

  10. Your Father's Day sounds like it was a blast!

  11. That is awesome though, one day two events.. One gift, ha!


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