Mama's Blessed : Mama Wants // A New Handbag + Giveaway

Mama Wants // A New Handbag + Giveaway

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Having two kids means ONLY toting around a diaper bag full of baby goodies & a few of my things. I am itching for a new cute handbag for when I get my me time outside the house. Running to the post office counts! Ha. And for when I can get away with packing a diaper each. I am kind of obsessed with handbags. Always have been, and I have my mother to thank for that! I remember back in 8th grade my mom came home with a box of purses and said "Here, Goody's had all these on clearance." A teen girls dream... a box full of purses. That is when I started switching bags daily and made sure I ALWAYS color coordinated my purses & outfits. Now that I have kids, I have maybe 5. And rarely use them since I tote diaper bags as my main accessories aside from my minis. But the time has come for this mama to treat herself with a nice, new, pretty bag! These below I am pretty much in love with!

To the mamas.. Do you carry a purse or just throw your stuff in the diaper bag? & to the purse obsessed.. How many do you own & what is your favorite?

And now for a giveaway!

And $85!
That's over $200 worth of amazing stuff for you to win.

NOW, what are you waiting for?
It's time to get entered!


  1. I have never been a big purse person- I will carry one for years! I carry a ton of stuff so I always need a big bag, the one I'm using now I got in StitchFix and it's the bomb!!

  2. You are welcome!!! This mom loves a sale! I remember buying all kinds of purses for you.

  3. I love the Waxed Canvas Market Tote with leather straps from Hawks & doves etsy shop. The blue or the camel color is great!

  4. The Cafe Con Leche soy candle or the Farmhouse Candles are really nice at Z & Company's Etsy shop! I love that style of decor!


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