Mama's Blessed : Monday Coffee Talk / Four

Monday Coffee Talk / Four

Monday, July 20, 2015

Once again, I skipped a week of this weekly goal stuff. I have been trying to figure out how often & when I want to post on here. I am finding hard posting 5-6 times a week right now. & to be honest I really do not know if I want to post that often anyway. [ I will talk more about all that in my goals for this week though. ] I am linking up again with Jasmine & Courtney for Monday Coffee Talk.


My goals 2 weeks ago:

New design for Etsy shop & add a few new prints - I did make a new design attempt, I am not really that happy with it though. So I plan to work on that this week. Also, I did get some prints out in the shop [ see here ]and have a handful of new stuff I will be working on this coming week! 

Read Bible everyday - Sadly I have not opened my Bible everyday these past two weeks. Though I have been reading some verses a few days a week when I try to catch up on the She Reads Truth website. 

Contact some local businesses for work - Honestly I am a little nervous about doing this and not really sure how to even go about it. So I have not. 

This week's goals

Come up with a game plan for my blog - I need to figure out how often I want to post a week, what days, what topics I want to focus on, and so on. I need to have a set schedule for the week of when I want to sit down & do my blogging. I seriously need to get organized when it comes to this blogging stuff! I have a pretty new planner so I need to use it! :) Oh and I will be posting a review on my new planner this week! 

Etsy Shop Design & projects - I am not really happy with what I came up with last week as my new shop design. I think it was late at night & just wanted it to be different already so I did something fast. BUT I have some new cute clip art that I got for some up coming prints & projects so I am going to play around with them and see what I come up with. Because this mama is going to need some business cards soon! Also, I have been stalking all the planner stickers on Etsy since I NEED some for my new planner. WELL, I figured I could give it a try at printable ones for my shop. So I want to have at least ONE listing this week for printable stickers. I have a handful of projects for bloggers I need to get busy doing. I have been brain storming what I want these prints to look like, THEY NEED TO BE AS CLOSE TO PERFECT AS I CAN GET! :) 

STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA SOME - So some of you may know that I deactivated my Facebook a few days ago! It is one less thing to take up my time everyday. & I am tired of always seeing negative things on there. I have been reading MAKE IT HAPPEN every day for the past week  [ maybe a chapter or so at a time ] I am almost done! FINALLY! But anyway, it has really got me thinking about all the time that is wasted when I am on social media, blogging, checking emails, even working on my Etsy shop. I want my time to be spent living and doing for a purpose, words from the book. Like with my blogging schedule that I need to set. I need to set times/days for blogging and Etsy shop work. & I need to stay off social media some. SO I am thinking.. when it comes to social media I will cut it back a bit. I will NOT reactivate my Facebook [ at all ], & I will stay off social media, blogs, etsy stuff, and emails ALL WEEKEND LONG! I know it will be hard but I can do it! 

What are your goals for this week?


  1. I am still off facebook too and I feel free! Now if I could get over my addiction of this disney tsum tsum game! Thanks a lot Ashley! Lol

  2. Im really wanting to read that book! Sounds good! I'm trying to stay off social media on the weekends, too and just use that time to focus on my kids/family. It's hard! I'm also failing miserably at reading my Bible everyday. I don't know why that's such a hard one for me. Can't wait to see what design you come up with for your cute shop.

  3. I love your goals. I need to start doing some of the same. I think it's great to make weekly goals. I can remember them throughout the week rather than monthly I usually end up forgetting them. I love time spent off social media. I think this is an awesome idea.

  4. Email me about the new prints! Would love to feature some for ya! :)

  5. I definitely think you should contact some local businesses. You have a lot of talent that needs to be shared. Have you thought of selling business cards in your shop? Not sure what that entails... I saw you deactivated Facebook and go you! I have an attachment to it that needs to be broken because honestly I hate it.

  6. I wish I could stay off social media but its the only adult interaction i'm doing right now sine my boys are gone. Once they're back with me weekends will be off limit to replying back to emails and blogging (maybe) lol We will see. You're brave.


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