Mama's Blessed : Plum Paper Planner Review / A Look Inside

Plum Paper Planner Review / A Look Inside

Friday, July 31, 2015

I am a lover of to do lists and writing things down. I have tried the whole phone thing & it is not for me. I HAVE to write things down, does not mean they will all get done. But still. I have used the basic planners from Target & Walmart, Erin Condren [ my review here ], and kiki k [ my review here ]. I love EC but I really did not want to pay $50+ on a planner right now, and I LOVED my beautiful kiki k planner but it was to small for me. I have heard about Plum Paper Planners for a while now, & decided to finally try one out! I love that the set up is very similar to an EC planner yet it is around $20 cheaper! 

The cover resembles an EC plastic cover but it is actually a clear plastic covering over the front & back design. There are tons of cover designs to choose from. Also, different types of planners for different needs. There is the option when ordering to start at the month that you would like, starting with the current month. When I was looking for a new planner, I HATED that most started in August. I needed one that started in July. So that option is AWESOME! 

I LOVE all the different colors, it is far from boring! Also something that is very obvious, is the paper quality. It is not thin paper. It is hard to describe but the best I can come up with is that it is think almost like picture paper, and slick. Weird I know, but great when it comes to using markers and such. 

The monthly lay out is right before the weeks for the month start. There is a Birthday section, along with Events & Notes. 

When ordering there are FOUR options on the weekly layout. I chose the daily columns with lines only. On the top left corner of every week there is a small monthly view. Also on the left side is a weekly checklist & a notes section. At the bottom of each column/day there is a checklist section with 3 dots/lines. I love making lists so of course the lined columns was what I went with. 

Another thing that sold me on the Plum Paper Planner [ it was NOT the shipping time, since it took 3 weeks to get! lol ] was the option to add in sections to your planner! I went with the blog section since I am a blogger & all. 

There is a monthly overview page for each month. This includes: Websites & Inspiration. Blog To Dos. Post Ideas. Final Post Schedule.

There is an Income & Expenses page. There is only one page of this. So if you are going to be writing a lot in this section, you may have to carry over to a notebook or something.

Post Ideas. This is awesome because when I think of something I write it ANYWHERE I can. Then I can not find it. This way all my ideas are in the same spot. 

Monthly Blog Tasks & Monthly Blog Stats. I love these two pages. It is awesome being able to track my blog growth month to month! & keeping track of what I need to do with my blog every month. No more forgetting! :P

This mama loves her To Do lists! So of course I am stocked that my blog section of the planner has a to do list section. It is only two pages though. 

If you are in to the sponsoring thing with your blog then you will love the Advertising & Sponsors section. Before this planner I printed out a form per sponsor on my blog & added it to a blog folder I have. That is a lot of paper. So I am excited to just track them in my planner!

Giveaways & Reviews. I am happy to have this included in the blog section as well. I have been apart of a handful of giveaways lately and never really kept track on them. NOW I CAN! 

Blog Annual Planner - this is at the back of the blog section. Personally I would have loved to have it right before the Monthly Overview section. But whatever, it still works! 

Got to love blank pages! :P

After the blog section there are a few more pages. Special Dates.

Passwords & My Contacts. I am not sure I will use the passwords page.. If I do maybe it would just be for my blog stuff?? What do you think?

US Holidays

2017 Calendar & POCKETS! Love me some pockets. Similar to EC planners also. Pockets are perfect for holding receipts, notes, grocery lists, & whatever else really. 

Overall this an awesome planner for a great price! I would recommend this to anyone. A mama, blogger, student... Anyone! :)


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