Mama's Blessed : A Potty Training Must Have / Pull Ups

A Potty Training Must Have / Pull Ups

Saturday, August 29, 2015

 The best way to potty training is going the "no diapers" route. Trust me, this is my 2nd go round working with my toddler Kenzie! Of course when I say no diapers, I do NOT mean even at bedtime or for emergencies out in public! Pull-Ups are perfect to use when the time has come to train that mini to potty! 

Kenzie likes to use the bathroom up until she falls asleep, so a regular diaper will not work. It ends up ripping or not staying on because of her taking it off and on. A Pull-Up makes this super easy. She just pulls them up and down like she does her panties. And if she potties in her sleep the Pull-Up is to the rescue. :P

Also, stashing a few Pull-Ups along with panties and a change of clothes in your diaper bag is a good idea. Being gone from home for a long time with limited potty breaks is just torture to that toddler! They are still learning and may have an accident or two. So it is a good idea to bring in the Pull-Ups to help a mama out! 

Family Dollar has Pull-Ups on sale for a limited time! Just follow the directions below for the coupon! Click here to find a Family Dollar near you. 

Text CARE to 28767 to get Pull-Ups® Training Pants for $8.50 for a limited time only at Family Dollar!


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