Mama's Blessed : Amanda Talks Jamberry Nails // Guest Post

Amanda Talks Jamberry Nails // Guest Post

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hi! My name is Amanda Thompson and I am partnering with the outstanding Ashley a.k.a That Southern Mama and making a guest blog post today! Thanks for reading my post, I look forward to getting to know you! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity because it's a great privilege. I have been helping to sponsor her awesome blog for the last month and she is one amazing mama! Thank you Ashley for giving me this opportunity.

Let me tell you a little more about me. I was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC and I am currently living in Central Florida. I love not having to deal with snow too much, but I do miss fall. Man, do I miss fall. The crunchy leaves, crisp nights, pumpkins, foliage, but I digress. I am married to my best friend and we have three wonderful children  all 5 and under and I have a bonus son also. My son and daughter both have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, so children with exceptional needs as well as Autism causes are very close to my heart. I count my blessings everyday. I love Jesus, spending time with my family, sports, laughing, reading, watching movies, and watching TV.

When I am not chasing my kids around or learning to blog, I spend my time as an Independent Consultant with Jamberry Nails. I heard about Jamberry from a close friend from high school and it has been changing my life ever since!

Before I had kids I loved to get my nails done, especially since I had bitten my nails for most of my life. Plus, I can't paint my nails to save my life! If I wanted cute nails I had to get them done. Then I became a Mommy my whole life and priorities changed. I didn't feel like getting my nails done was a necessity, I felt it was money that could have been spent on my family and I didn't have time to get them done anymore either. Enter Jamberry. When I tried my first sample, I was hooked! I couldn't believe they were sticking to my bitten nails and I couldn't believe how gorgeous they looked to boot. The next thing I knew, I was losing my desire to bite my nails and I had healthier nails growing in place.

How I did my nails before Jamberry!
There are over 300 designs, so there is something for everyone and I adored that. I also loved the cost savings! Each wrap provides 2 manicures and 2 pedicures, plus when you pay for 3 you will get an additional wrap free! The cost savings alone are amazing. Who doesn't love to save money and have fabulous nails? I know I do!

The value of Jamberry.

There are so many exciting things happening with Jamberry, too! Not only are we expanding to Australia and New Zealand, but we have an exciting incentive for joining in August. This incentive inspired me to join last year as well because it helped me to cut my costs for my starter kit in half!

New Zealand:

If you're interested in earning free and discounted Jams, I am always looking for hostesses! You can book your party here. I am also hosting a special party to commemorate my guest post where Ashley can get some amazing rewards as a thanks for being so great! When you place your order, make sure to select "That Southern Mama Jams Party!"

Another reason I love Jamberry is the sisterhood it helps to provide. Not only have I made some amazing friends along my journey, but I have encountered some of the most encouraging people I have ever known. This has been changing life for me and many other women as well!

If you're interested in learning more you can check out my business page or you can checkout an amazing empowerment opportunity here. I'm so thankful that Ashley allowed me to be part of her blog world and share with you today.

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