Mama's Blessed : Four Potty Training Tips + Cheerios + Giveaway

Four Potty Training Tips + Cheerios + Giveaway

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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If you were following my blog back before I found out I was pregnant with Mina, you may have read about Kenzie using the potty at 16 months old [ post ]. We had some success for like less than two weeks. She would pee & poo in the potty everyday. She even would go stand by the bathroom door when she needed to go. She still wore diapers of course.. I mean she was not even two yet! I honestly feel like it was to early though. My husband and babysitter had a hard time sticking with the training while I was at work. & sadly after a while I was to tired from working to even try. Once Mina was born & I was home all the time I tried to get her to use it. She would occasionally sit on the potty but would not do anything. Knowing how well she did at 16 months for that short period of time was super frustrating to me. She knew how to do it, she just didn't want to I guess. & throwing in a new baby sister to take some of mama & daddy's time was not helping. 

The beginning of this month [ August 3rd to be exact ] I figured I would give it a shot again. Diapers for two has been expensive and Kenzie is going to 3 in 3 months! The time was NOW! I am so proud of my girl. She has been using the potty all day every day since that day! She has had some accidents here and there but not as many as I thought she would. She loves pottying, and it is now her daily routine. She knows when she needs to pee/poo, she has to run to the potty. This go round has been such a success and we are not turning back. Here are the things that I have found helpful this go round.  

1. No Diapers The only time we use diapers is at bed time, & even then my toddler will go use the bathroom til she falls asleep. So some mornings she gets up with a dry diaper! First things she yells when she wakes in the morning is "I have to go pee!" Then it is followed by "I want MILK!". When we go somewhere she wears her panties. I ALWAYS pack extra clothes. AND I remind her over & over that she can not pee in her panties. Bathroom trips when we are out and about are plenty! She wears regular panties & training panties. I talked about the training panties here

2. Distract To begin with this was a MUST for my toddler. She would sit for a second then get bored. Books or a tablet work great. My mama in law said to let her drink something or brush her teeth while sitting on the potty. SNACKS are also very helpful. I would give her a small bowl of Cheerios for her to snack on while she sat & waited to potty. 

3. Reward This gave my toddler something to get excited about. She wanted to pee/poo in the potty because she knew she was going to get a sticker for the bathroom door [ I taped a piece of paper to back of door for her stickers ] or a snack! Once again Cheerios came in handy for this.They are not very sugary & taste yummy so she enjoyed a handful here and there as her reward also. 

4. Praise Clap, sing, dance, give kisses & hugs. Whatever it takes to show that you are so proud they went in the potty! My toddler now comes running out of the bathroom to tell me she went pee or poo & that I need to come see. This is because she knows mama gets super excited to see pee/poo in the potty! High fives, hugs, "I am so proud of my big girl!", dances, and "whoo hoo!" are the norm. When we have accidents because of not making it to potty in time, I let her know that I am still proud she made the effort. 

I hope this is helpful! Any mamas out there dealing with potty training right now? What is working or not working for you?

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