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Fulfilled / Book Review + Giveaway

Friday, August 21, 2015

Danise Jurado is an amazing woman and such an inspiration. She is a blogger, pastor/counselor, Director of The Dream Center Transitions Program, and author of her new book Fulfilled. She is also a wife, mama, and grandmother. 

I have been given this opportunity [ by her ]  to read and review her new book. It will be released August 25, BUT the ebook version is already available on Amazon. 

This book is such a blessing and inspiration to me. I needed this in my life at this very moment. Thank you so much Danise for allowing me to read this "MUST READ" book. Thank you for inspiring me to seek the fulfilled life that my heart has ached for all these years. 

I love books that inspire and motivate me to better my life and my relationship with God. This book is just that. In her book, Danise walks you through the steps to living the fulfilled life that we are all promised by God. She shares her own personal stories along the way. Many I can relate to. Since I have opened this book and read the first sentence, I have had a highlighter in hand and marking all through the book. You know it is a great book when every other sentence is highlighted and the book cover no longer lays flat. My Bible has not been opened for about a month, til I started this book. Sad I know, but that is the past. Change is here for me, thanks to Fulfilled. 

Her chapters on forgiveness and change have really touched my heart. Until reading this book I did not realize how badly I needed to forgive a few people. Mainly for myself. I did not realize actually how hurt I was by them. She has steps to help you through the forgiving process. Her chapter on change has got me motivated to change my thought process and filter the things that come from my mouth. I have had some serious issues with those. 

 I want that peace in my soul and until now I was not sure how to achieve it. Go to church, pray, read the Bible... that is all I had on my to do list to get to my life of fulfillment. Danise breaks down the process on "Learning to live the life God promised" chapter by chapter. This book [ and Danise ] have seriously changed and inspired me. 

Do you have that aching in your heart for something more? That fulfilled life close to God that he has promised. The joy in helping and loving others? Need help forgiving to move forward, need motivation? This book is for you.  

The #truth - God is the one we need. 

Just to prove how amazing Danise is :

50% of the proceeds for her book will be donated to The Dream Center

Also she has supplied me with a copy of her new book Fulfilled to give out to one of my readers! Be sure to enter the giveaway below. And if you can not wait to read this book head over to Amazon for the ebook version! 

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