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Mama Wants / A Cute Tee

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 Mama life can be exhausting. No joke! I love being a mama & my girls are my world but I am tired. Lately I have been potty training my toddler. It is going GREAT! & my almost 9 month old is teething. Yes, we are in the #teamnosleep stage! Apparently we are also at the stage where if mama walks out of sight, baby cries. Fun stuff right here. Oh & my toddler is almost 3 but still in the TERRIBLE TWOS. Like a 15 year old girl with an attitude & smart mouth in the form of a 2 year old. Pray for me y'all. :) 

 Anyway, cute tees are my jam since I am always tired & rushing around. Honestly, they were my jam before I even had kids so who am I kidding? There is just something about a cute comfy tee. I was laying in bed last night scrolling Instagram for cute t-shirt companies & I for real heart'd like a hundred of them. [Teething babies at night are no joke by the way.] My birthday is in a few months & fall is headed here fast so I may have to add a few of them to my birthday list! I am only showing y'all a few that I am loving. 

Any awesome tee companies or tees you are loving? Let me know!


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