Mama's Blessed : Daycare I Hate You

Daycare I Hate You

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

 I have been working over two weeks now, and girls have been going to daycare. This is the first time ever sending them to a daycare. I was super excited and was sure my toddler would love it since she is always talking about going to school. In less than 3 weeks I already HATE it! 

+ My toddler is grumpier and has more of an attitude since she started going. It may have nothing to do with the kids she is around, but I will blame it on that!

+ My youngest [9 months] cries every time I leave her and it breaks my heart. But what is a mama to do? I HAVE to go to work.

+ Both girls have gotten sick BOTH weeks.. Meaning the adults have been sick BOTH weekends so far. Lord, please let this weekend be sickness free!

+ Ice cream, sugary fruit juice, and cookies seem to be a daily thing there. Yay for jacked up toddler at pick up time. NOT!

+ Daycare takes all my moneys... :/

+ I think they just let my toddler roll around in the dirt everyday when they go outside to the play ground.

+ I am not around so I can not see how my kids are treated... I HATE that.

I have plenty of time to find more reasons to hate daycare. And I am sure I am not the only one that feels like this! Do your kids go to daycare? What do you hate about it?

* Let me throw a little positive into the post... I LOVE my job and the fact that I work with someone that I have known since I was a child and was super close to! I am thankful for her. *


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