Mama's Blessed : 52 Week Blogging Challenge // Love Hate Relationships

52 Week Blogging Challenge // Love Hate Relationships

Monday, February 29, 2016

I am linking up with Girl Talk & Sarah Emily for their 52 week blogging challenge. Every Monday for the year there is a new prompt to post about. 

Today the prompt is Love/Hate Relationship

+ Starbucks - I love me some Starbucks coffee. I HATE that they take all my money. [ I am proud to say I have not bought from Starbucks in over a month! ] 

+ Cleaning - I love a nice and tidy home. Cozy & inviting. I HATE having to actually clean. HA!

+ Blogging - I love meeting other bloggers, coming up with content for my readers, and expressing myself. I HATE that I do not have a good schedule set for blogging, it seems to be taking up a lot of my time. & sometimes I can not seem to even get a good post scheduled!

+ Cute clothes - I love finding cute clothes and accessories when I am out shopping. I HATE that everything looks totally different once I get them home and on me. I think mirrors in the changing rooms are different than mine?! :P

+ Reading - I love a good book. Inspirational or not. I HATE that I rarely have time to read, and when I do have time I find myself doing something else. I need to just stop and read! 

+ Social Media - I love connecting with people. Ones that I actually know or ones that I meet in the blog world. Being about to keep up with friends and family is great. Sharing pictures of my girls for them to see is awesome. BUT I HATE social media! It takes up my time. Time I could be spending with my girls, husband, or even cleaning my house! I HATE that I check my social media profiles right when I wake up. I need to stop making it a priority and step away sometimes! 

+ Food - I love cooking and eating! Ha! I HATE that I love food so much that I would rather eat a whole pizza that try to eat healthy and work out! ;/

What is something you have a love hate relationship with?

ALSO, Starting tomorrow I am cohosting an Instagram Photo Challenge! Be sure to join in with us for the month of March! 


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