Mama's Blessed : A Day In The Life Of This Stay At Home Mama

A Day In The Life Of This Stay At Home Mama

Friday, February 19, 2016

Even though we just moved and I am still unpacking and organizing [ we have been sick so it is taking forever ] I thought it would be fun to show y'all my day. Today we did not go anywhere because I had an allergic reaction to my new soap or some. My body itches and has red whelps. My eyelids are even swollen and itchy. YIKES! So nothing to exciting happened today but I do enjoy being with my baby girls! <3

When I first get up in the morning I HAVE TO HAVE COFFEE. Here lately my one year old has been teething so she wakes a lot through the night. Meaning coffee is VERY important for this mama. 

I am a to do list kind of girl. Some times nothing gets check off, but it makes me feel better having one ready for the day. I go over it and usually add to it. 
The girls NEVER sleep past 8 am. Most times they are up before 7:30. So my days start early. I actually like it that way. Breakfast is usually thrown in somewhere early in the morning. 

Though I have been slacking with this move and all taking up my time, the morning is when I like to take time to read my bible and do a devotional. I also try to do a little blogging. Whether it be posting, promoting, stalking, or whatever... 

The girls usually play in their room, destroy the living room, or follow me around. I like to clean some in the morning and afternoon, though it is completely pointless til the girls go to bed at night.
My 3 year old is not allowed to nap. If she does happen to nap in the car for like 10 minutes, she will be up til midnight. So while her sister naps we get some time together. Today we painted our nails and she played with play doh. I MADE myself stay away from my phone and compute for 2 hours. Much enjoyed! 

Lunch is next. & I have to keep dragging their table into the small kitchen area through out the day so they do not mess up the carpet. They are the messiest kids ever! 

There is usually a snack or two during the day. I get tired of my 3 year old running to the fridge saying she needs something. & then stating she needs candy every  minutes! Ha. She is her father's child. :) Today my youngest had a blast making a mess. She thought it was funny but helped clean it up. This mama made a few phone calls and TRIED to catch up on the latest episode of The Bachelor.

My husband gets home before 5pm so I am usually cooking something or have already cooked by the time he arrives. Tonight we had left overs. I was not feeling the whole cooking thing. 

Like I said at the start of this post I am still trying to unpack and organize everything. My goal today before I got the girls ready for bed was to clean and SOMEWHAT organize their room. I am not done but I made some progress for sure. The girls even helped a little. That was til they decided to dump out all the legos! 

Bath time then story time. THEN BED TIME FOR THE GIRLS. My oldest does not always go to bed before 8 like her sister. But tonight she did! I was able to watch the newest episode of New Girl with my husband. And finish cleaning up the kitchen and living room. 

Once the husband went to sleep I was able to write up this post, watch some Netflix, and read a little. Anyone else read Hands Free Mama? I just started it FINALLY and I am so ready to be Hands free! 

Now I am about to try to get some sleep and pray that my littlest does not wake up any tonight. And that I can get to sleep and not scratch my skin off in my sleep. This allergic reaction is driving me nuts! Maybe tomorrow I will be feeling better and can actually make it outside the house for a while! 

Not very eventful but that was my day. I love being with my kids. How do you start and end your days?


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