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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hey y'all I am a day late on my post, mama life is crazy right now with these two toddlers of mine! I need more hours & more coffee. :) Be sure to go check out Whitney's post for this week! 

This week the topic is - A look inside my Bible. I have like 5 Bibles but at the moment I am just using my journaling Bible. I am so in love. I am not very artistic or creative when it comes to doodling in it, but I do find it very convenient for jotting down prayers and such. 

Here are few pictures old & new:

This is when I first got my journaling Bible! I was SOOOOOO excited! I just knew I was going to create some amazing stuff in it.. I did and I do.. but it looks more like a 2nd grader did it than an adult almost in her 30s! HA! Either way I love opening this Bible & getting inspired. 

In my journaling Bible there are tons of little tabs, post it notes, bookmarks, and doodles.

I write down prayers, verses I love, and paint in it. All my other bibles are covered in highlighters! I mark EVERYTHING! <3 

Who else writes all in their Bible?


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