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Mamas Inspired // Making Time To Study The Bible

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey mamas! It is that time again, time to get inspired. If you are new to the blog or did not catch last week's post let me fill ya in... I have teamed up with Whitney over at Southern Hope Blog and we came up with Mamas Inspired. Every Wednesday we post about what we are passionate about : Drawing close to God as a mama. We will talk about what inspires us. 

Today we are talking about making time to study the bible and spend time with the Lord as mamas. We all know mama life can be hectic and messy! It is an amazing life though. I am truly blessed to have my two toddler girls. <3

I have to squeeze mama time in where I can. That includes reading the bible and taking up time with Jesus. I have two girl toddlers so I do not have much free time. I rarely get to use the bathroom or shower alone! So I find myself opening up my Bible early in the morning or after the girls are put to bed. Sipping my morning coffee, reading my Bible, and feeling God's presence is an amazing feeling. I sometimes can catch a few minutes to study my bible while my One year old naps. That really depends on my three year old though. :) She actually loves for me to read to her, even if it is the Bible or a book that I am reading. Though she can not concentrate long so I enjoy what I can! 

When do you make time to open up your Bible and really dive in?

Next week we will be talking about our favorite Bible verses!


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