Mama's Blessed : What's Up Mama // 1

What's Up Mama // 1

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Friday y'all! I am going to start linking up on Fridays with Lexi from A Blissful Haven for her ABH Happenings link up. I am still confused on which way I want my posts to go... MB Happenings / Recap & Favorites / or just weekly favorites. I am kinda diggin the post name I came up with though.. 

This week // recap :

+ Last Friday I went to ER because I had horrible pains near my ribs on my right side. I figured it had to do with the cough I have had over a month. I ended up being told I had a chest wall strain and Bronchitis. So this week I have been on meds. Most made me sleepy, & since I have two toddlers and can not sleep/rest ... I have been extra grumpy! Ha. I am feeling a whole lot better now though. 

+ I took Kenzie to the doctor yesterday because she also has a cough she can not get rid of, and is super grumpy lately. She has an ear infection. No wonder! 

+ I am totally in LOVE with Fuller House! What are your thoughts? Hurry up season two! 

+ I have been enjoying Mamas Inspired. It is a blog series I have going on every Wednesday with Whitney from Southern Hope Blog. I am a Christian and I really want to show that more through my blog! 

+ I just bought a new blog template on Etsy the other day. I am LOVING it. I feel like my blog looks a lot cleaner now, but still readable. 

+ I have so much planned for my Etsy shop - the to do list and idea pages in my notebook are getting crazy! 

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