Mama's Blessed : Date Ideas When You Don't Have A Babysitter

Date Ideas When You Don't Have A Babysitter

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Everyone is always talking about date nights with their special someone.. and I am over here like "What was it like? Tell me EVERYTHING!" Ha! Since having my daughters I have maybe went on 4 dates with my husband. My oldest is almost 4 years old! That is a long time of not dating. We take the girls everywhere we go, and one of the reasons we never go on a date kid free is because most of our marriage [ & since the kids were born ] we have lived away from family and close friends. We have made friends in the places we have lived but finding someone to be responsible for keeping our kids alive and well while we go on a date is scary to even thing about! BUT I am excited to say that I am working on finding a local babysitter now, because I am so ready to date my husband! I know it will be good for our marriage and our family. I am getting butterflies even as I type this. <3 

I have listed below things to do and places to go on dates when you have to tote the kids with you. Even though I know going on dates KID FREE is important, that does not mean you can not enjoy your spouse while the kids tag along! 

Have some friends over + play a game or watch TV - We are planning to do Game of Thrones night every week with our friends.

Chuck E Cheese - I am sure my husband and I have more fun than my 3 year old there. We are just big kids.

Park - This is the perfect time to not only play with the kids but actually hold a convo with your spouse WITHOUT the kids interrupting.

Put kids to bed + have some wine + play a game or rent a movie

Visit local attractions - We just went to the zoo a few days ago & had a blast!

Grabs some coffees & hit up the book store - I could do this everyday! 

Golf course or putt putt - Or anything that your spouse loves that the kids can also tag along too. It will make his day that you want to do something that he enjoys. 

Any food place that has an arcade.. You may not get any one on one time with your special person if they are like my husband, he LOVES playing all the games.

Bonfire + put kids to bed + invite some friends over or not. Make some smores.

Sit out on the patio and star gaze. Have a drink or not. Maybe some music? 

Camp out in the living room - I want to do this soon. Make a fort or put up the kids tent. Popcorn and movies. Or maybe stories. <3 

Snuggle up with some popcorn and the kids and watch some old childhood movie favorites.

I know this list could go on and on. I would love to hear your ideas if you have some that are not listed above! Help a mama out! :)


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