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Favorites / Three Year Old

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hey y'all, today I am sharing some favorites for my THREE year old! She will be 15 in November! Ha, time flies. Kenzie Love has been in day care / preschool for 2 weeks now! She still cries not to go but talks about playing on the play ground and doing fun stuff. Toddlers are confusing. :P Anyway, I have to hurry and pack so we can go see her nana and pappy.. So here are her favorites: 

+ Baby Alive - She recently got this doll. She is always watching videos on Youtube about it, so we picked it up one day.. She loves feeding it since it poops everything out. HA! 

+ Blind Bags - I am not going to lie, I am kind of obsessed with these things too. I have been begging her to give me the Elsa kychain she got the other day... but she wont. 

+ Masha & Bear - Weird show on Netflix. There is only a handful of episodes but she watches them over and over. 

+ Snapchat - We send out snaps all day long! She loves checking out what lenses are available everyday and FACE SWAP!

+ Play Doh - She could play with this stuff all day long if I let her! 

+ VTech Innotab 3 - She can plan games, it has apps, wifi. and all kinds of cool features. When setup with wifi, I can download an app and actually text with her! We have not done that yet, since she can not read. 

+ Books - She lets me read to her some, but she prefers to read to me. When I say read I mean tell crazy detailed stories about every page of the books! :)

+ Youtube - I know I am a bad mama! She will sit still on my tablet on the couch and watch Youtube videos for maybe 15 minutes. She is obsessed with Baby Alive videos, Play Doh Egg ones, Blind bag videos, POOP SURPRISE ones.. haha, and pretty much any other weird toy video. 

+ Flinstone Vitamins - I mainly started her on vitamins because I think she needs more Iron, and once my husband's insurance with his new job kicks in NEXT WEEK [ YAY! ], I plan to have her checked out. 

+ Cape / Mask - Sometimes she says she is a super hero and sometimes she says she is Elsa.

+ Bath Time - She loves taking baths with sissy! They paint, and spell stuff out with their letters. 

+ Bubbles  - Who does not like blowing and catching bubbles?

+ The Finger Song - Thanks to Youtube. It is seriously the cutest thing ever when she sings it.

+ Chuck E Cheese - My husband and I probably love this place as much as she does. I love to use all the tokens! :P

+ All The Disney Princesses - Since she went to Disney World a few months back, she is no longer obsessed with FROZEN & Elsa. She LOVES all the Disney princesses! Finally!!

+ Washing dishes - Well pretty much just playing in the sink.

What are some of your toddler's favorite things right now?

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