Mama's Blessed : His And Hers What To Watch On Netflix + $170 Ulta Giveaway

His And Hers What To Watch On Netflix + $170 Ulta Giveaway

Monday, April 25, 2016

I have done Netflix posts before; one for movies and one for shows. There is so much going on over on Netflix now that I wanted to share some of my current loves on there. BONUS- my husband is sharing a few of his recommendations also!

Here are a handful of shows and movies that are currently on Netflix that I have watched and love.

The Ranch - I am so ready for season two! Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are the reason I loved it so much. They do throw the F word around a lot, so heads up on that.

New Girl - Still a favorite of mine. The newest season is currently running right now so it is not on Netflix. I rewatched all the past seasons before watching the newest. I feel like this show and MY personality are one. 

Girl Meets World - If you grew up watching Boy Meets World, you should give this a shot. It took me a while to get into it but now I am in love. That dang love triangle is making me mad though. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - The 2nd season is finally on Netflix! Stupid funny. 

Drive Me Crazy - Well I love Melissa Joan Hart and 90s & early 2000's teen movies are the BEST! 

The Princess Bride - I can not even count how many times I have seen this. I could seriously watch over and over! One word: Westley! <3 <3 

Last Man Standing - I love Tim Allen. I will watch anything he is in.. I have not finished all the season yet. :P

Fuller House - Some people love it and some do not. I like it though it is not really what I was expecting. And it is not as family friendly as I wanted it to be. But I love seeing the Full House cast! 

Degrassi: Next Class - This is a canadian high school show. I have been watching Degrassi FOREVER! I love this batch of characters though I have a lot of favorites for from earlier season. I think this season is 15?? If you like high school drama type shows check this one out.

A Night At The Roxbury - This is a great movie. I LOVE Will Ferrell. I remember my mom liking this one and watching it with her when I was younger! 

Talladega Nights - Another Will Ferrell movie. My husband LOVES this one. If you do not find this movie funny we can NOT be friends! :P

I bet you can tell that I am pretty much just a comedy kind of girl. Pretty much. I do enjoy kid/family and chick flicks. 

Here are a few of my husband's favorites right now:

+Dare Devil
+Marco Polo
+Sword of Destiny
+Jessica Jones
+Chris Porter - Ugly & Angry [ this is the only one on his list that I have seen. This guy is horrible but in a funny way. lol ] 
-The Punisher

And now time for a giveaway! <3 Who wants to win a $170 gift card to Ulta? Good luck y'all.

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