Mama's Blessed : Solidarity Sister - Brittany McCowan

Solidarity Sister - Brittany McCowan

Monday, April 25, 2016

Solidarity Sisters is a wonderful community of women committed to growing alongside one another and building one another up! This is an awesome way for bloggers to stick together and make friends.  There are challenges sent out ever other week for you and your sister that you were paired up with. You get to meet an awesome blogger and make a new friend while growing as a blogger. 

Simple Moments Stick

Here is a Q & A with the lovely Brittany I was paired up with! Y'all need to check her out and say hello. She is super sweet. Her blog is

1. If you could introduce yourself in 10 words what would it say ? 

A passionate chocolate-eating filmmaker who wants to help others. 

2. What was the underlying reason that you started blogging and how long have you been doing it for?

I wanted to connect with as many people as I could and I was bored with retail! I want to be my own boss one day. I want to help people with alternate organic remedies like Yoga and Reiki. 

3. What is your number one health advice?
Take off your shoes and walk in nature. Ground yourself once a day for a longer happier life. 

4. What is your number one dream/ goal at the moment?

To turn my passion of filmmaking into a career. 

5. What is your favourite healthy recipe? 

Corn fritters with homemade potato chips and guacamole. YUMMY 

6. If you were given an unlimited budget and you only had it for one day what would you do?
I would donate to hundreds of charities and help as many people as I could. And let's be honest I would also buy a house and upgrade my little ladybird (car). 

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