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What's Up Mama / / 2 + Reader Survey

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Friday y'all! I am linking up with Lexi from A Blissful Haven for her ABH Happenings link up. <3

This week // recap :

+ Kenzie started preschool/daycare Monday.. That way my goal is to get more done around the house and more blogging/business related stuff accomplished. 

+ I got my hair cut two days ago, & Kenzie HATES it! HA! She said she does not like my bangs. 

+ I just started binge watching The Voice to catch up. I hear Miley Cyrus is going to be on it now??

+  I just started reading this & this. I am excited about what I will learn from them. I want to raise my girl correctly - & show them the love Jesus shows me!! 

+ It makes my heart happy that Sam Schuerman is sweet enough to share & like my Etsy Shop prints! Here & here

+ I am pretty obsessed with my new Starbucks phone case that I got for my new phone.

+ Want to tire your kids for bedtime? Take them to Chuck E Cheese for dinner! We had a blast! <3

My posts this week:

Sponsor Love:

GA Aquarium

This dining room

Can You Relate

Designed Downtown

+ Things I WONT Spend Money On

Mama Wants:

+ This shirt - I LOVE Merrissa, her blog, & her shop!! I actually have one of her tanks already! LOVE IT!!

[ Pregnant w/ my Mina Grace. ] 

+ This CC Cream. My mother n law has it and let me try it. LOVE IT! 

How was your week??

* Also, I would love to find out how everyone is feeling about my blog. Things you like, dislike, how I can improve, and such.. So here is a QUICK survey! Thanks.

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