Mama's Blessed : Bad Blogger Here So Let's Talk About The Bachelorette

Bad Blogger Here So Let's Talk About The Bachelorette

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seemed like everyone was watching The Bachelorette last night. 


I know this mama sure was! I forgot to buy me some wine so that was disappointing. THOUGH I did order me a chocolate pie when we picked up dinner from O'Charleys. I was not impressed with the food nor the pie. Heads up - this most definitely is NOT a Bachelorette scene by scene recap, just my thoughts on a few things. There are enough recap posts out there in Blog Land today! 

Okay first let me just say how stunning JoJo was! Her gorgeous dress + hair + caramel-y! LOVE! My favorite guys so far are: Luke. Dereck. Jordan. Christian

Luke is the country boy/war vet that rode in on a unicorn and brought JoJo cowgirl boots. Jordan got the first impression rose. I am still on the fence about him, I mean I like him but I think he may be up to something..just like his fly away bangs. Anyone else get distracted by that?  HA!
I thought for sure JoJo was going to give it to Luke. I know I would have. 
I did not see much of Dereck but he was a cutie. He is the one that said he used to look like Harry Potter. I am not sure how I feel about Wells. The dude w/ All For One singing the whole time. He said All For One but was that really who that was? I can not decide if he is being funny, charming, or a douche. JAMES - I think she should have let him go the first night. He clearly is on the show just because he is obsessed with it. He is funny so maybe it will be some good entertainment by keeping him around a little longer. Now shall we talk about Daniel. The awkward Canadian guy. He was super weird and drunk..right? I was embarrassed just watching his parts. HA! And who goes around poking other dudes in the belly button!? A few others I liked but not so sure about: Chad. Chase. Alex.

The first night was not super eventful and I did get distracted a few times while watching the show. The preview for upcoming episodes seems to have tons of drama.. So of course I will keep watching. Next time I WILL NOT forget my wine. 

Oh and who got scared for a second when Jake crashed the Rose Ceremony? & who saw the Bridget Jones's Baby movie preview!? I must see it! I LOVE the first two movies. 


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