Mama's Blessed : #mamastyle Summer Date Night

#mamastyle Summer Date Night

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey y'all, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty awesome I must say. Friday night I went to a local church for the Love Worth Fighting For marriage event. Seeing Kirk Cameron [ from Growing Pains ] in person was exciting. With him was Warren Barfield.. He sang and played guitar, shared his story about his marriage, and was HILARIOUS! One of his songs, Love Is Not A Fight was actually used for the Fireproof movie [ if you have not seen that movie you are missing out]. This event was truly inspiring. Made me realize my marriage and family are more important then everything else really. That also I need to stop focusing so much on things that are not important in this life. I ended up leaving early because this mama was super tired and ready to get home to the minis. I am pretty bummed I did not take a picture or video from the event. Or of Kirk Cameron. Ha. Saturday was our local Cupcake Challenge. There were tons of local bakers set up for sampling, local businesses set up, food, live music, and tons for the kids to do. I only stayed a few hours since it was just me and my TWO toddlers out in the heat. I did enjoy an iced latte from a local coffee shop that was set up there. Guess what y'all there is better coffee out there other than STARBUCKS & DUNKIN! Shocking I know. Sunday night we had over a couple that we are friends with to eat pizza, drink a little, and watch Game Of Thrones. I love when we do this because it turns in to us sitting around listening to music and talking til 2 am. Man I am old! :P

Now that we have a babysitter that the girls love we plan to make time to actually go on dates. I have not went on a date in FOREVER! I put together 3 outfits that would be super cute for SUMMER time date night [ or day ]. I am not that great when it comes to fashion so if you think they are lame then... I DO NOT CARE! :) 

date night - dress
date night - lace

mama style date night white and pink

Which of these is your favorite? I can not decide.
How was your weekend?


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