Mama's Blessed : #mamastyle Sunflowers

#mamastyle Sunflowers

Friday, May 27, 2016

 Sunflowers remind me of summer, just like Pineapples. They are so bright and pretty.. I remember they were in style back when I was a pre teen. And I feel like they are making a come back. I remember my mama had a cute pair of shorts with a sunflower pattern. & anyone else wear or their mama wear the Sunflower perfume? LOVE. My mama did, and I did some. Any time I smell it, it reminds me of my younger years. I have actually seen it at Walmart and I think Ross! Maybe that will be my summer scent? I have had the Bath & Body Works Country Chic body spray & lotion. Such a southern girl scent. 


Mini dress / A line skirt / Flower crown / Casetify iphone case / Elizabeth Arden fragrance / Country Chic / Door mat

90's fashion is back. I AM STOKED ABOUT THIS! I really want to get me a choker. Like this one with the sunflower. SCORE! And can we just take a minute to drool over this adorable mug! Jacy makes the best stuff I swear. 


Necklace / Mug

Are you digging the sunflowers?


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