Mama's Blessed : Potty Training Personality W/ Pull-Ups At Dollar General

Potty Training Personality W/ Pull-Ups At Dollar General

Thursday, May 5, 2016

  Are you currently potty training your mini, thinking about starting, or like us trying to night train your potty trained child? If so Pull-Ups and you will become besties! When I started to potty train my toddler I went straight to them and never looked back ( at the diapers of course ). She is fully potty trained but we are currently working on the night time pottying. Pull-Ups are great when it comes to learning to use the potty because they are easy to slide on and off making it simple for toddlers to do on their own. They will feel like a big kid! 

[ They were discussing how little sissy will be having to potty train soon & will need her own Pull-Ups. ]

Pull-Ups teamed up with a psychologist and potty training expert to create a potty training personality test. This will help determine how to approach potty training with your child and all the tools and tips you need to succeed at it. 

There are 5 potty training personalities: owl, puppy, bear cub, turtle, and squirrel. After taking the test I found out Kenzie is the Bear Cub. The list of tips on how to start with potty training are the things I actually did that worked! So this personality test seems spot on. My toddler loved to use the potty when I did, loved using a sticker reward sheet, and getting treats when she used the potty. Accidents happened but it did not take long to get her trained. Now on to the night time training.. the FUN part! 

There are so many helpful articles that are designed for each personality for better potty training results. There are lists of fun potty training games and even tips on night time potty training ( this is what we are working on right now ). AND PRINTABLES. You and I both know mamas love them some printables! 

Another thing we mamas love are COUPONS! When I come across a coupon for something that is an essential in my daily life I feel like I have won the lottery or something! Dollar General now has digital coupons. You can sign up here or text JOIN to 34898. You pick and load the coupons you want then at check out all you have to do is sign in with your phone number on the credit card machine. Right now you can get $2.00 off a pack of Pull-Ups! Score! But be sure to hurry and sign up for DG digital coupons because this $2.00 off of Pull-Ups ends May 19th. 


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