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Things To Do With The Family - Zoo Atlanta

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I decided to start a new blog series since summer is almost here and the weather is amazing here in Georgia. Things to do with the family. For the most part it will be local stuff and kid friendly. I do not live in Atlanta, I live just south of it BUT it is not a far drive. There are so many family friendly things to do in and around Atlanta. To kick this series off I am going to talk about taking the family to a zoo. Zoo Atlanta

Visiting the zoo in Atlanta is a great family outing. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves just as much as our toddlers! 


 We strive to inspire the citizens of Atlanta and Georgia and all visitors to the Zoo to value wildlife on Earth and to help safeguard existing species through conservation.

Not only are there animals to see throughout the zoo, there are shows, feedings, petting zoo, plenty for the minis to do, food, and even a Splash Fountain during the warm weather. 

There is a train, rock wall, playgrounds, and a huge carousel.

I love that they hand you a map when walking in. Zoo Atlanta is HUGE with so much to do, so it is great having a map of what is where and how to get there. On the map there is also a list of what is going on that day. There was a giraffe feeding while we were there. 

Ticket prices are reasonable, the food is great, there are plenty of bathrooms, and you can even rent strollers and wheel chairs. I know these types of things are good to know when you are a parent. This zoo makes your experience with your minis enjoyable. 

Click here for more info on zoo hours and ticket prices. 

We walked around taking in Zoo Atlanta's beauty and all it had to offer for about 4 hours! Time went by so fast. I enjoyed seeing both my toddlers' faces and the excitement they had for everything! We ate at The Wild Planet Cafe. I had a slice of pizza, my toddlers had chicken tenders w/ fries, and my husband had a yummy burger w/ fries. The food was really good. 

My youngest LOVED the pigs at the petting zoo. 

The girls LOVED walking through the tree house. There you get to be in the same place with some amazing birds and also see some cute little creatures climbing about. 

I loved seeing all the animals but I do believe besides the flamingos I was so excited to see the lions. They were so beautiful and peaceful looking! 

I seriously took over a hundred pictures but I just wanted to show y'all some of my favorites. There are so many animals at Zoo Atlanta. If you are in or near Atlanta, you need to experience the zoo! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


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