Mama's Blessed : A Rant And TWO FREE Printables From MamaDesigned

A Rant And TWO FREE Printables From MamaDesigned

Friday, June 10, 2016

So today I was going to post this week's Bachelorette post.. I may still work on it late, maybe not. I am just not feeling this blog thing right now. PassionFruit Ads is taking and keeping MY money. And I HATE that I LOVE the website and decided to come back and use it again. I am hearing so many bloggers talk about how they are dealing with the same thing from them. Y'all I do not care how many blog posts you read about how to make money blogging... it is SUPER HARD to do. & it sucks when I look at the stats of the posts I create that I love and want to do more of just to find that those are the least viewed ones. But let me post about a cute outfit or a recipe and people jump all over that! I love those posts, but I want this blog to be more.

ANYWAY - enough with the whining.. I am sure most of you know I have an Etsy shop also. MamaDesigned. I am thinking I really need to devote more time to this. So maybe my blog will take the back seat for a while? It is not like it has been very active lately anyway. Some times you just have to back off to get a clear view of what you want and what you need to do. 

I would love to have a few bloggers review and promote my digital prints & Etsy shop. Collab! <3 Email me at if you are interested! Right now my shop is just printable wall art. I plan to offer other types of printables eventually. Lots of ideas! 

Also, I just wanted to give out two freebies today! Feel free to snag em up!

If you EVER post pictures of the printables from my shop use #mamadesignedshop & check out my shop on Instagram & Facebook as well.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday & have a blast this weekend!


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