Mama's Blessed : Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father's Day is this Sunday y'all!! I know there are some that have yet to shop for the dude[s] in their lives. LIKE ME! So I am sharing a few things to do and buy for them. Check out last year's Father's Day posts: 8 Things To Do For Father's Day & Father's Day Gift Ideas

First here are a few things to do:

Treat him to his favorite hobby - If it is golf like my husband pay for him to go golf alone or with a friend. Or go with him as a date. If fishing is his thing then send him on his way or go with him. It is his day. Same goes for the other hobbies men have.

Let him pick the place to eat. He will probably go for the one with the best beer selection.

Have the kids make him something home made. A card, picture, cake, or his favorite food.

Go to the movies but see a dude movie that you know he is dying to see. You can see your chick flick next time.

Take him some where he has been wanting to go. Nothing crazy, unless you have the time and money of course. My husband wants to visit Japan. BUT that wont happen this Father's Day, SORRY!

& now for some AWESOME gift ideas:

* BogeyBox is like Stitch Fix but for dudes. That love Golf. My husband is going to FREAK when I let him know about this. *

What are your plans for Father's Day? We will be visiting family of course! 

AND NOW FOR A GIVEAWAY that has NOTHING to do with Father's Day! :)

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