Mama's Blessed : #minisyle Summer Time Cuties

#minisyle Summer Time Cuties

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Summer is hot this year and I am kind of ready for it to be over with already! We have not even got to the hottest part of the summer yet and I am already melting. YUCK! Even if this mama is looking a hot mess during the summer, I try my best to keep my girls looking cute! Summer fashion for toddlers and girls is so adorable right now. I have an almost 2 year old and an almost 4 year old. I am no longer shopping in just the toddler section now! I am now shopping in the toddler and the little girl sections. Sometimes depending on the store I can find things that match each other or go well together. Today I am sharing some cute outfits that I put together from Crazy8 & Gymboree for my girls. Both stores are having some AMAZING online sales by the way! Crazy8 has almost EVERYTHING online for $9.99 and UNDER! Gymboree has almost everything online for $12.99 and UNDER! This would be the perfect time to get some more summery stuff for cheap or stock up and get prepared for fall and winter! Both websites have boy stuff as well. I do not think all these sale prices will apply in the stores though. BUT you can always check at your local store to see. 

Here are some looks for my toddler. I am loving the summery patterns! 

toddler - summer time

And here are some looks for my 3 year old that I came up with. I want all of this in my size please! My minis always look way more stylish than me. No fair! :P

Which outfit or pieces do you like best out of what I put together? Hope y'all are enjoying your summer, but I am totally ready for fall. PSL for LIFE! <3 


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