Mama's Blessed : My First Rocksbox - Review

My First Rocksbox - Review

Friday, June 3, 2016

I official can say I have tried Rocksbox! I have seen people posting about it for the longest time, and I finally got my first box thanks to the lovely Rocksbox team! Overall I had a great experience with this. 

 You get 3 pieces of jewelry sent to you for RENT. Send back if you do not want to buy them or any and get 3 more. I love this idea. Because you can have and wear some cute jewelry and not have to spend tons of money on a piece you end up wearing once or twice. If you do choose to keep one or two or all of the pieces that was sent to you, they are discounted! So you are not paying full price! Score. 

 You can sign up here. You will take a quick survey, add jewelry to your wish list and then they will send you a box w/ THREE pieces in it. You keep it til you are ready for more! Want a FREE Rocksbox? Use code: ashleylbff18 when signing up!

I absolutely love their packaging! The box, the tissue paper, and the jewelry pouches that each piece of jewelry comes in. Rocksbox shows that they take pride it their products and want to send you the very best. I could not even tell that my pieces of jewelry were part of a rental subscription. Everything was brand new looking. They even came with a personalized note and care instructions. 

Here are my first 3 pieces:

Margaret Elizabeth - Emerald 2 Stone Bangle in Black

Kendra Scott - Annika Necklace in Abalone

SLATE - Crystal Spike Earrings

I did post a few times about my jewelry on Instagram! Search #rocksbox to see others post about their experience too! 

I seriously can not wait for my next box! I know they will do an amazing job! 
Sign up here, & use code : ashleylbff18 for a FREE box! [ the 1st 3 to sign up get their first box free. ] 


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