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That Toddler Life

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Being a mama is the most amazing thing, EVER! I have TWO toddlers that run around having a blast and making messes daily. Kenzie is 3 and soon will be my little preschooler and no longer my toddler. Mina is 18 months as of today. She is growing so fast. I think the fact that she looks up to her big sissy is making her grow up so fast. She does not talk as much as my 3 year old did at her age. Big sissy talks enough for the both of them I guess. She is already using the potty, enjoying her daily routine, she enjoys brushing her teeth, and she LOVES being able to eat like a big girl just like sissy.

[ Some one woke from her nap wanting in on the prop set up. ]

I give my toddlers for the most part what ever we are eating and most days they love every bit of it. They sit at their cute little table together and I think they play a game to see who can make the biggest mess. From what I have observed everyday I think the goal of this game is to not only eat the food mama feeds them, but also get as much on the floor and each other as they possibly can. 

 [ She had to take a picture for this post with her Baby Alive. That is my heart right there. ]

I try to give my girls healthy things. My 3 year old is going through a junk food phase right now sadly. All she asks for is gum or lollipops. But my youngest Mina will gladly scarf down a banana or some blueberries like they were candy. So not completely a mama fail. 

They love to have a special treat to sip on to feel grown like mama when she is sipping on her coffee. This happens a few times a day, because we all know that mamas run on that stuff. They get water, water down juice, and milk. Mina gets to enjoy her a nice, healthy, but super yummy toddler drink by Gerber. I LOVE Gerber products you all! One reason being that they make them Non-GMO . I want healthy for my girls.. but I also want good flavor as well, because I am not a totally selfish mama. That is why I approve [ as well as Mina ] of Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink. This drink is full of nutrition and easy on a toddler's tummy. 

This mama has such a full heart because of my two toddlers. Their little smiles, eyes that sparkle, cute little laughs, and even their fighting back and forth with each other over who gets which sippy cup make my day. - MY LIFE. 

Who wants to win a Welcome To Toddlerhood KIT !? This giveaway will end June 26th. For U.S. residents only. Get a chance to try out Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink and some other goodies come in the kit. Check out this website, then come back to this post and comment about something toddler related that you are dealing with or have dealt with. Going from cute little cuddly baby to an adorable mobile GROWN toddler is a crazy awesome journey, so I can not wait to hear what you have to share! 


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