Mama's Blessed : The Bachelorette Week FOUR

The Bachelorette Week FOUR

Friday, June 24, 2016

TWO WEEKS waiting after Chad was sent home.. only to see him coming back to the house.. TORTURE! Check out my posts of the last 3 weeks here.

+ Chad returning to the house to just continue the drama with all the
other guys was pointless and embarrassing. Anyone else feel the same?
I was kind of hoping for a little more craziness from him before he was
gone for good. Whatever, bye Chad.

+ Alex saved the princess. So funny, when he returned it looked like they had him a little party! Congrats Alex, but you maybe be their next victim. I like Alex but he does seem to like to cause drama a lot.

+ James F - who?

+ Jordan pushing JoJo against the wall right by the guys was not hot, it was just cocky. I want to like Jordan, but I feel like he is up to something! 

+ Rose ceremony Daniel looks like he is holding in some gas! HA! Man, I am so immature! AND his little interview after NOT getting a rose.. WHAT? Awkward as always.

+ They all went to Uruguay, awesome! Everything was so pretty. 

+ More Chad drama? BUT a different Chad. They guys read in a magazine that JoJo had reconnected with her ex and the came on to the Bachelorette and that her motives were just for tv time. She FREAKED and let the guys know that it was not true.

+ #TeamDerek - looks like they have found their new target! NOOOO!!!

+ Robby & JoJo are so cute together.. I may be a little #TeamRobby too! Would y'all have jumped off that cliff into the water? HECK NO for me!

+ Seeing Evan, Grant, and Vinny go home at 2nd rose was sad. They all cried during their little interviews after, I may or may not have teared up..

* Anyone catch Chad on Jimmy Kimmel? He is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise! I can not wait for that to air the beginning of August. 

Favorite part from Monday night?


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