Mama's Blessed : The Bachelorette Week THREE

The Bachelorette Week THREE

Saturday, June 11, 2016

This post is totally late. The Bachelorette was on two nights this week. Monday & Tuesday. I am assuming because there was so much DRAMA to cram in. Then I was just not in the mood for blogging and typing this up the other night. Any other bloggers get like that sometimes? 

Part ONE - 

+ Am I immature because I am totally weird out by Daniel lifting weights? HA! This does not seem like the show he really wants to be on. 
+ Chase & JoJo's yoga date.. super awkward and super sexy. 
& when he said to the camera "She makes this place [ heart ] feel good." AWE, y'all that was the sweetest.
+ The sex stand up comedy group date is when more drama started with Chad. Evan had the balls to make fun of him when it was his turn. Yeah Chad we get that you were embarrassed a few times that night, but no need to get crazy & physical!
+ Jojo shutting Chad's rude BUTT down when she was talking with the guys seriously made my night. Way to put him in his place girl!
+ Chad and all his threats need to leave like ASAP. He is no longer just a D bag to me.. He is giving off crazy dangerous vibes.

Part TWO

+ TEAM DEREK all the way y'all. I was loving the fact he stood his ground when Chad once again was acting crazy.
+ Chad made it through the rose ceremony. WHAT!? He is just good drama for the show, I know.
+ Luke's date - his smoothing talking and the dancing on stage while Dan & Shane perform for their crowd. Can you say PERFECTION?
+ TOUCHDOWN DEREK. #teamderek
+ Anyone else feel me when I say that it seems like more than half the guys have the SAME HAIR CUT? 
+ Once again more crazy threats from Chad. Mainly directed to Jordan. It was so funny when everyone went silent when he came and sat with everyone. That is when you know you were the subject of the convo. AWKWARD!
+ The hike and nature bonding date with Chad, Derek, & JoJo had me freaking the whole time. I just knew Chad was going to attack Derek. OR worse - JoJo would keep him and send Derek home. THANK YA Jesus that did not happen. She chose Derek and told Chad to leave. 
+ All we were left with was the need to see what happens next. Chad returns to the house pounding and scratching on the door. ON SNAP!

What part of this past week's episodes had you going OH HECK NAW!?


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