Mama's Blessed : The Bachelorette Week Two

The Bachelorette Week Two

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How was everyone's long holiday weekend? We spent time with my husbands parents, mainly swimming, and I went to see my moms new house they just moved into over the weekend. Since I was out of town with family til Tuesday, I am posting my thoughts on The Bachelorette late. I actually almost forgot it was coming on Monday night! YIKES! - Like I said last week, this is not a recap. Just some thoughts of mine from this week's episode. If this was a recap, you would HAVE NO CLUE what happened! HA!-

+ Okay so the guys singing their JoJo songs had me rolling! That was so cute! 

+ The HOT fire fighting date. Woo! 3 of the guys had to race to save JoJo. Grant the actual fire fighter won that. Poor Wells was having a rough time, but that got him a rose!

+ Robby, where did he come from? Another cutie to add to my list.

+ JoJo & Luke's kiss .. WOW!

+ Y'all I am Team Derek! I know I like Luke, Christian, & Jordan. BUT Derek is number 1 on my list now. I know I liked him. After seeing JoJo & him together on their date I am rooting for him. Their date was based on making choices together. That was a great idea for a date. 

+ Anyone thinking that Daniel & Chad are starting to form a BROMANCE?

+ James read JoJo a cute poem he wrote her. ADORABLE! 

+ CHAD - He seems to have a bad attitude most the time. & very rude. People like honesty but they do not like being insulted and mistreated. There is a difference. He seems to come off as a D-Bag for sure. [ Isn't that what Alex was calling him? ] Calling JoJo NAGGY during the Bachelor Nation group date, and cutting into everyone's one on one time was not looking good for him. BUT he makes good t.v. w/ all his man drama.. So who knows how long he will be on the show.

Which guy are you rooting for right now? & what moment from this week did you enjoy the most?


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